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6 Unique Spaces Every Home Needs *

*Collaborative Post.

Homes should be for living. But, unfortunately, because people live their lives so differently from each other, original architectural plans don’t always match up to what they want to do. Many of us are living in homes built for a different time, with different priorities in mind. 

Fortunately, adding unique spaces to your home is relatively easy. You don’t always have to do major building work to get the layout and functionality that you want. Instead, you can take a more subtle approach. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the unique spaces that everyone needs in their home. Check them out below: 

Outdoor Napping Area

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There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking a well-deserved nap outside in your back garden. Unfortunately, though, most of us aren’t set up to accommodate this type of activity. Outdoor spaces are cold, uncomfortable and overlooked. 

You can fix this, though, by introducing rattan seating with outdoor cushions, a pergola or even a hammock. To warm things up, you might want to add infrared lamps or a fire pit. 

Bunk Room

While you might associate bunk rooms with youth hostels, they can really come in handy if you ever need to host a large number of people at your place. Bunk rooms are a common addition for people who like to party-on-down to the early hours with their guests. They’re also suitable for housing children during the Christmas break or holidays when you have family over. 

Office Nook

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If you don’t have a separate home office, don’t worry: the humble office nook can take care of everything for you. Most people set these up in their living rooms and then use room divider ideas to break up the space. Dividers create separation from the rest of the family, making working easier. 

Clothes Room

Most people have too many clothes for their bedroom closets. They’re rammed full of items that are difficult to access and, often, a mess. 

The solution is to open up more space. That’s why many luxury properties have clothes rooms these days. However, you don’t have to build an entirely different room. All you need to do is commandeer an existing bedroom or install a walk-in cupboard in your master bedroom. To make the room more attractive, decorate with orchids and keepsakes. 

Kids-Only Playroom

Keeping kids’ bedrooms clutter-free is challenging when there are toys everywhere. However, you can make life much easier for yourself by creating a dedicated playroom space to accommodate all the junk.

In playrooms, anything goes, so make sure that you prepare the space adequately. You want hard floors, or even vinyl, and also chalkboards on the walls. Avoid expensive wallpaper. A simple paint job will suffice. 

Garden Shed

Lastly, you’ll need some shed space for your home, particularly if you are considering a loft conversion. Sheds get everything dirty and dangerous associated with your garden out of the house. But the space itself doesn’t have to be purely functional. Painting or insulating your shed’s interior is an option you should consider. 

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