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Tips for Building a Holiday Itinerary *

*Collaborative Post.

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a trip and get sidetracked during any trip to a new location and miss out on many of the experiences that had been hoped for at first, whilst there’s always a time and place for being spontaneous, sticking to an itinerary can make a trip that much better too.

It isn’t just planning for the day trips, online platforms like those at have also helped to provide more cash when you win so additional time can be spent exploring options on the trip.

What are the best tips for building a holiday itinerary? 

Be sure to experience something new

It’s easy to get caught up doing the same things in comfort whether visiting a new country or staying closer to home but getting away is the best way to experience something new.

Do something that may not be in your comfort zone, try something that may be cultural, or for trips that are closer to home consider exploring a different part of the city. It could open opportunities that may have been otherwise missed, particularly with experiences like new food adventures which many will shy away from. 

Research the trip ahead of time

Statistics show that many people looking to book a trip may only take a cursory look at planning their trip and not much more but doing just a tiny amount of research ahead of time can show events that may be very time-sensitive, or opportunities that are suited to different times of the year. With a central activity to build the itinerary around, it can help lead to better planning as time has to be structured around a certain activity instead – much like booking a ski trip specifically, for example, skiing may be the main activity with other entertainment built around it. 

Don’t neglect a contingency

If a holiday is structured around one goal or plan in mind and something falls through, having some contingency and back-up plan of different activities in mind will also help steer clear of falling back into comfort habits when new experiences can be found, leaving it until last minute can find premium prices and less desirable options too, so planning ahead of time for a contingency can help find the best possible deals and some better options too. 

As the hospitality industry recovers from the past two years, there’s never been a better time to get out there on holiday and explore something new and take in some new experiences.

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