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Top Tips When It Comes To Selling Your Home *

*Collaborative Post.

There may come a time in your life when you need to sell your home and move on for whatever reason. This could be due to relocating for work or family, or because you’ve outgrown your current property. It can seem like a really daunting process but as long as you make a list of everything that needs doing and in what order you should be absolutely fine. However, before you get in the estate agents to list your home there are some things that need doing. 

Find Somewhere To Move To 

Firstly, you need to decide where you will be moving to. You might be staying in the area or moving somewhere further away. Take your time with this step, don’t rush finding somewhere new as this could end in disaster. For example, if you take the first place you see then you could be paying over the odds and things could start going wrong fast. 

Shop around different areas around where you want to move to, this ensures you find the best one that will fit into your lifestyle. If you have children you will need to check nurseries and schools to ensure these are also a good fit for your family. 


When it comes to sorting out your home there are lots of little things to do in order to get it sorted for selling. The first major step is having a huge clearout and a decluttering session. There are a few reasons for this, the first is that potential buyers don’t want to view a home that is a cluttered mess. This can turn them off from wanting to buy your home. The second reason is that if you have clutter around it can make your home and the space available look much smaller than it is. Get rid of the junk and open up your home. The third and final reason is that it will make you feel so much better and healthier. 

When it comes to decluttering you can utilise all sorts of storage units and shelving to sort out your belongings, just make sure that these don’t become cluttered. All rooms need to be sorted and tidy, if you are struggling for space in the bedroom then take a look at key ways to organise your bedroom


Finally, the last step in creating the perfect for sale home is to sort out that long repairs list that may have been building up over time. Potential buyers that come to look around your home won’t be interested if your home looks like it needs a lot of renovation work and repairs. If they wanted to buy a fixer-upper then they could easily get their hands on one at an auction. It is important to remember that the longer you leave repairs the worse they can become. One such example of this could be if you have a leaky roof. What starts with a leaky roof could soon build up into damp ceilings, floors, and walls with issues such as dampness arising. 

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