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How To Better Support Local Communities On Your Travels *

*Collaborative Post.

The art of traveling somewhere is often flattering enough, it goes to show that despite all of the areas in the world you could have gone, you wish to learn more about this specific spot, and support these specific communities. That said, just because we are a tourist doesn’t mean we should feel entitled to the local area, nor that we should do anything other than respect the locals.

Often, many tourist locations will live and die based on their tourist trade, which is why so many of them are still recovering from the necessary lockdowns surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, despite that being in the back of our minds for the most part, it’s ethical for us to do our best to support local communities when we come to visit them, and to help kickstart the tourism industry back to its old self; as much as that can be achieved with the increased cost of living.

With that in mind, let’s consider how to better support local communities on our travels.

Opt For Beautiful Hotels That Celebrate The Culture

It’s healthy to opt for hotels that actually retain the culture and beautiful surroundings of a given place, rather than simply opting for corporate entities the entire time with their too-formatted design from place to place. Taking an overnight stay in Northumberland, for instance, can make a massive difference in how comfortable and confident we feel, and in the long run, just how integrated we feel in the local culture with inns and pubs right beside us.

Speak To The Locals About Restaurants

Sure, you may have recommendations on your travel app, but the best way to find an excellent restaurant is to ask where the locals eat, particularly if you’re in a country where the cuisine is different to the one offered most commonly at home. This may help you find the most authentic pasta dishes in the city; or it might help you find an excellent time such as in a beautiful Bavarian beer-drinking cellar. Sure, it might take a little time to ingratiate yourself, but these results are almost always amazing in kind.

Try To Pay Directly 

It may be that with package deals or coupon offerings provided to you by a travel firm, the cut taken from these promotions ultimately starves the business that locals could be enjoying. For this reason, it’s a great idea to try and pay directly if possible, or to make sure you look to the promotions that the businesses themselves are running. This way, you can make sure to support the local services properly and keep jobs on the line; while also getting the best of a local culture and being looked after by their service professionals. It’s a nice way to interject your tourist trade directly into the local community; and opting for small businesses there can be an even better route forward.


With this advice, you’re certain to better support the local communities on your travels, through and through.

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