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Making Your Bedroom The Ultimate Relaxing Space *

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We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately. And with the changing of the seasons, darker evening and falling temperatures, that’s something likely to continue for a while – with less staycations on the horizon. Little wonder then that making our homes – and especially our bedrooms – cosy and relaxing is high on the agenda. It’s good for the soul to have a beautiful, calming space to retreat into, away from the world outside. So you might be thinking about the changes you can make to revamp your bedroom and enjoy the season ahead.

Why Is It Important To Make Our Bedrooms Beautiful?

Our bedrooms are significant, because that is where we spend our recharging time. As much as we recharge our phones there, we also recharge and reset ourselves. But due to the social distancing conditions this year, we’re spending more time than ever in our rooms. That means it’s easy to feel a little claustrophobic and restless within our space. Giving your bedroom a makeover is a way to overcome this and make your space feel new again. It’s also important to bear in mind that our bedrooms have a serious effect on our quality of sleep. A restful space allows us to relax, switch off from the stresses of the day, and replenish our mental and physical energies. Elements such as making sure our bedrooms are fully dark and a little cool, banning blue-light emitting electronics that disturb our natural sleeping patterns, and investing in the best quality mattress and bedding have a big impact on quality of sleep. And when we get enough sleep – we are more productive, focused, less irritable and more likely to make better choices with food and exercise. It really is the foundation of good health, so making your bedroom the best environment for sleep makes a lot of sense. Thankfully, there are lots of changes you can make to create this in your home.

Get Your Window Treatments Right

One way to make a big difference to both your sleep and the vibe in your room is to switch up the window treatment. Heavy, lined curtains that look plush and block out the light, or perhaps plantation shutters for a more streamlined look can really change the look of a room as well as ensuring that you can maintain a darkened room for better sleep. These window treatments make it feel cosy and create privacy.

Separate Out Your Workspace

With so many of us now working from home, the tranquility of our bedrooms is under threat as they become a makeshift office. This can be bad for our mental wellbeing, as it’s a lot harder to switch off when your work and personal life are all mixed in. If there’s no possibility of accommodating your workspace elsewhere, then there are things you can still do to create that vital separation and help you to switch off once work is done for the day. Never be tempted to work from your bed – not only does it make it much harder to relax and associate that space with sleep, but it’s also terrible for your posture. Instead, consider something like a small folding laptop table that you can set up in the morning and then stow away when your work is done. 

Create Soft Textures

A big part of creating a cosy feeling is incorporating soft textures into your room –  adding some textured pillows or a soft, chunky throw to your bed can create that feeling. Invest in nicer loungewear – after all, we’re all spending more and more time in it these days – and go for things that feel great against your skin. Bringing a nicer sensory experience into the room can really make your mood calmer and more relaxed.

Dim The Lights

Lighting should be just as soft as the blankets on your bed. Changing your light fittings is easy and a great way to create a more intimate space. Simply adding a statement ceiling light or a few gentle lamps can really change the mood of your bedroom. Select energy saving soft white LED bulbs that give a gentle, bright glow. You should aim for a mix of brighter, task-focused lighting and softer ambient lighting for when you need to wind down. Adding a few soy-based scented candles is also a great idea. The right scent can remind us powerfully of happy memories and alter our mental state.

Sort Out Your Storage

It’s a fact that if your bedroom is cluttered and disorganized, you won’t rest as easy. You may not notice it, but chaotic surroundings cause a low-level feeling of restlessness, so if you’re serious about sleep and relaxation, get tidy. Having the right storage options in your bedroom is absolutely key to this. Consider adding a stylish storage ottoman to store spare bed linen, towels or out of season clothes. Store these in vacuum packed storage bags to keep them clean and pack more into the space. It could also be time to organize your other clothes. For most of us, clothes make up a huge amount of the clutter in our rooms. Try the hanger method to see what you’re really wearing – turn all your hangers so they point the wrong way. Every time you take out an item of clothing, replace it with the hanger facing the right way. It doesn’t take long to work out what you actually wear and what might be better in longer-term storage, donated or sold on Depop. A clean, well-organized space is much less overwhelming and can help as a method for managing anxiety. 

Freshen Up Your Bed Linen

Changing your bed linen is one of the quickest ways to make a difference in your room and one of the most cost-effective. Choose some cosy new sets in super soft flannel textures or high thread count cotton, or consider adding a memory foam mattress topper or treating yourself to a down duvet to make things extra cosy. We spend so much time asleep in our beds, it makes sense to invest in the nicest bedding you can. 

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