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3 Summer Home Investments You Didn’t Know You Needed *

*Collaborative Post.

Everyone loves the idea of summer until the heatwaves come. That’s okay, however, because most of the summer is truly enjoyable outside of those temporary issues. That said, as heatwaves begin to become more frequent and intense due to climate change, it’s important that we focus on outfitting our homes and lifestyles in the best way, as heatstroke is no joke, and self-care as well as caring for our families is essential.

As such, we can expect HVAC companies to start making a great deal of profit in locations like the United Kingdom where most houses do not have air conditioning to boot. However, in the meantime, it might be worthwhile to think about a few additions that can help you make the most of the summer heat. But sure, you’ve already thought about ventilation, air purifiers, fans, air conditoning, and even water fixtures like in-built garden pools. This is the same advice we get year-on-year.

What about the installations you never knew you needed? Let’s consider some of that below, and the degree to which preparing for summer can be invested in:

A Carport

We all know the feeling of getting into a car that’s been sat in the hot afternoon sun all day. It’s unimaginably uncomfortable, and of course, even dangerous for pets, children, the elderly, and anyone who values being able to breathe easily. This is why a carport can provide such worth, it not only keeps your car shaded in hot water, but can protect it in snowstorms, hailstorms, and against debris that may come as a result of strong winds. That’s good enough for us.

Overhanging Porches

It’s nice to structure a worthwhile seating area outside of the main entrance to your home. A place where you can implement a rocking bench, a comforting chair and blanket, or simply somewhere to view the local street. An overhang can also protect you against the weather conditions if necessary while providing worthwhile cooling shade. This can take the form of a canopy, but a wooden implement that fits with your siding design can be a much better option. This may even serve as a staging area from which you can barbecue, and it can be placed at the front or back of the house.


Sprinklers aren’t always considered necessary in climates where intensive heat are less common, but actually, you’d be surprised just how popular this is becoming and will continue to be. Keeping the lawn in good condition means watering the plants, and being able to raise the moisture content of your exterior property also gives you the chance to avoid plants dying and the condition of garden paths or decorations from washing out in the sun. Sprinklers can be controlled from a fixed control point or even timed to come on at certain areas of the day or in line with temperature recordings.

With this advice, you’ll see how summer home investments can make such a difference to the comfort and utility afforded to you.

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