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5 Common Kitchen Mistakes when Renovating Your Home *

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Renovating your home is costly and time-consuming, so you want to avoid making a mess of things.

Here are some common kitchen mistakes when renovating you need to avoid.

Not Measuring Properly

There are many essential functions in a new kitchen. One of the most critical ways to ensure a proper installation is by measuring everything perfectly. If you don’t measure correctly, you will end up with a ruined project. Everything, from where the cupboards go, to the height of your worktops, is essential to get right. But there are many elements you need to consider, such as the thickness of countertops, the materials used and your personal preferences. No two kitchens are the same. So it really comes down to making your kitchen the way you want it.

Using the Wrong Paint

Colour and patterns are essential when designing any room. And of course, they are also necessary for your kitchen. But there’s more to your chosen paint than just the hue. And using the wrong colour in the kitchen can end in disaster. First, you need to use kitchen paint. Kitchen paint is designed to withstand the heat, moisture and grime that can build up in your cooking area. It’s also easier to clean. For example, standard wall paint will rub off when wiped. But kitchen paint won’t come off. Additionally, your finish will quickly dull with standard emulsion.

Kitchen Mistakes when Renovating Include Bare Walls

It’s pretty common for people to leave their new kitchen walls unprotected. This means not using splashbacks or tiling in the immediate cooking area. While you can use kitchen paint, even the best products will quickly become tired and discolored from constant exposure to food and heat. Also, because your kitchen is the hardest-working room, the walls need more protection than other rooms. In particular, the sink and over areas require protection from spills and watermarks. Otherwise, you will probably need to repaint your kitchen once every year.

Not Enough Storage Space

Storage space is everything these days. And the kitchen is no different than any other room. Everything from pots and pans to spices and pantry items needs storage. Of course, the storage space you can install, such as cupboards, depends on the size and shape of the room. Then, of course, you can install straightforward elements. But the trick to getting more space is using what you have in clever ways. For example, corner pull-outs help you store bulky pots. And you can use wall space by putting up magnetic strips for lighter kitchen utensils and knives.

Not Installing an Extractor Fan

Any kitchen will benefit from adequate ventilation, especially if you cook a lot. Oven and hob cooking can make some less-than-pleasant odours, which can linger in your house. Garlic, some fish and certain cuisines can cause the smells to travel throughout your home after cooking. But an extractor fan helps remove most of the scent. Additionally, they remove moisture and grime from the air. Helping to keep your kitchen much cleaner than simply opening the window. However, you should get the best you can afford for efficiency and lower noise.


There are a few common kitchen mistakes when renovating. These include not measuring correctly, leaving walls unprotected and failing to install an extractor fan to remove moisture.

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