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Can Wrinkles Really Be Reversed? *

*Collaborative Post.

There are many effective ways to prevent wrinkles. But what about wrinkles that have already formed? Is it really possible to reverse them? Or are you stuck with them for life?

This post delves into the truth about reversing wrinkles. 

The Obvious Solution: Cosmetic Treatment

A sure way to remove wrinkles is to undergo a cosmetic procedure at a clinic. A dermatologist will usually be able to recommend the best form of treatment depending on the location and severity of your wrinkles. Shallow hairline wrinkles are the easiest to reverse. Deep large wrinkles are harder to treat, however there are solutions out there such as soft tissue fillers.

Some of the best procedures for treating wrinkles include:

Such treatment options typically aren’t cheap and some can have side-effects. However, in most cases they are a safe, fast and effective way to remove wrinkles.

What about anti-aging creams and lotions?

Many anti-aging creams and lotions claim to reduce, slow down or reverse wrinkles. However, for many of them there is little scientific backing to support such claims. Only a few of them should be trusted – and it largely comes down to the ingredients that are in them.

One ingredient that is a good choice is retinol. There is a good amount of evidence to suggest that retinol can reverse fine line wrinkles (no anti-aging product can reverse deep wrinkles unfortunately). Many modern anti-aging products now contain retinol, but often it’s only in very small amounts that are not particularly effective. The most potent and trusted retinol-based products that you can buy are typically only available on prescription. This is because they require careful usage and may not be suitable for everyone’s skin (some people report painful side effects).

Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient that can help to beat fine line wrinkles by making the skin smoother and more supple. Evidence also shows that it can help to beat other skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. Like retinol, this ingredient can have side effects, so you may not want to use it too regularly. A benefit of hyaluronic acid is that it can be used safely with retinol for added effectiveness.

What about anti-aging ingredients like resveratrol, peptides and antioxidants? All of the ingredients can have skin health benefits, however the evidence is pretty thin when it comes to fighting existing wrinkles. You’re welcome to give them a try, but you probably shouldn’t rely solely on anti-aging products containing these ingredients.

Can you naturally reverse wrinkles?

A healthy lifestyle may help to reverse fine line wrinkles, but it’s more likely to be effective when you’re still quite young. Once most wrinkles set in, the damage is typically already done and no amount of dieting or de-stressing will fix this.

Of course, lifestyle changes could prevent future wrinkles from forming. The big things you can do to prevent wrinkles include eating a well-balanced diet, reducing stress, getting a good night’s sleep, protecting yourself in the sun and giving up smoking.

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