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Is ‘Sad Beige’ Just Minimalism Gone Too Far? Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Trend


Unless you do not really have a social media presence, you are likely to have seen the newest interior décor trend – which has been coined ‘sad beige’ by its critics. It is simply a preference for neutral colours and natural textures within the home and a minimalist approach. A muted palette is incredibly popular. The criticism really ramps up for ‘beige moms’ because a lot of people believe that children need a bit of colour and maximalism in their lives.

Let’s get into it. 

What is ‘Sad Beige’?

‘Sad beige’ is an extension of these neutral colour palettes. It takes this idea further, and it is defined as anything where the neutral tone seeming takes the joy out of the product, which is why it tends to refer mainly to items in a family home. A lot of influencers are following this trend, and they have been called out for doing so; just think about the backlash that Kim Kardashian got for her home, which some likened to a mausoleum. 

Children’s products and toys are usually loud and colourful because they are meant to appeal to kids. However, thanks to this trend, there are more beige and neutral-toned kid’s products. It is difficult to see how kids can enjoy these products when they aren’t as stimulating for them. In essence, they just look quite boring. It comes down to the question of whether or not these children can have fun with these products. 

The Benefits of a Neutral Palette

Minimalism often means a monochromatic colour scheme; everything within the home is in shades of beige or different neutrals. The champions of this approach like to point out that neutrals go with everything. They are inoffensive and timeless in a way. Of course, there are elements that will date your home, but for the most part, it will not happen as quickly as it would if you were to embrace some of the other trends today. 

A neutral colour palette does have a lot to recommend it. Homes are often decorated in neutrals when they are to be sold to entice as many buyers as possible. Taking on any interior design project can be stressful, and depending on what you need to do, it could be beyond your capabilities. Thankfully, services like MyBuilder allow you to search for someone in the area to help – whether you are going for neutrals or something a little bolder. 

If you choose to decorate your home with bold colours, it is easy to find yourself becoming tired of them. A neutral background does also allow other elements to pop. You can still choose to incorporate splashes of colour in other ways, either through artwork or soft furnishings. They are also much easier to swap out when you get bored of them than redecorating an entire room. 


What it all comes down to in the end is the fact that it is your home, and you and your family are the ones that have to live there. If you are happy with the décor, then that is all that matters. That being said, it might be worth taking an outside perspective. Does your home seem cold and clinical or warm and welcoming? Obviously, you know your family better than anyone else, and if everyone is happy and healthy, then this is all that matters. 

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