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Expert Tips when Selling a Furnished Home *

*Collaborative post.

It’s becoming more common to buy homes with furniture included, which has its pros and cons. Of course, selling a furnished home is almost always better, but here are some expert tips.

Make Your Home Magazine Worthy

Making your home immediately stand out and dazzle a buyer is the best thing you can do to get a quick sale at a price you want. Professional home stagers are excellent for this. But they are expensive. Additionally, their services only go so far and often don’t include cleaning or decorating. So if you have handmade or antique furniture, pay special attention to it. For example, there are specific things you need to be aware of when cleaning painted furniture, so you don’t damage or destroy the finishings and fittings. If in doubt, call a professional.

Be Prepared for Negotiations

If you decide to sell your furniture, don’t be afraid to bargain with any sellers. However, even if you think your price is fair, the buyer may try to talk you down on it. When making an offer, buyers can try to get the price of furniture lowered with the help of their real estate agent. The seller will think about this offer and either accept it or make a counteroffer. Hopefully, you’ll both find a solution that works for both of you and make a contract that includes the sale of the furniture. However, be prepared for a buyer looking to get the best bargain possible.

Consider the Pricing when Selling a Furnished Home

There are many factors to consider when setting a fair price for a home on the local market, regardless of whether it is being sold with or without furniture. However, furniture is another metric that affects pricing, even if it’s good. Here are some things to consider during a sale:

Additionally, you will incur costs when decorating for a sale. Furniture sales or as an addition to your asking price can help recover these costs. Yet there’s also the chance you won’t make as much as you like from furniture. You can sell your furniture separately, but it’s more work.

Plan for the Type of Buyer You Want

For the right buyer, a fully furnished home could be a huge selling point. Having a home with everything you need is the norm in many places. For example, in areas where many people buy houses just to rent them out or use them as vacation homes. Also, potential buyers sometimes put more emphasis on finding a fully furnished property that’s ready to move into right away. This is more appropriate for the luxury market. For example, apartments that come with everything a buyer needs are becoming the norm for buyers with more money to spend.

Include Furniture for Convenience

Turnkey homes are becoming increasingly popular among luxury property buyers. However, the benefits extend beyond the purchasing public. It can be difficult to remove large items from your home. So, selling the item can be a great option to avoid the hassle of relocation. In other listings for newly built homes, your home stager can create custom furniture and decor to help move the property. Furnished homes allow potential buyers to see themselves actually living there, which might be the deciding factor in whether or not your property sells.

Selling a furnished home can be best for you and a buyer. But first, you need to make your property look amazing. Also, you could lose money when selling furniture as part of your home, and a professional appraiser might be required. However, it can be more convenient.

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