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Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for Someone *

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Buying a gift for someone can be one of the hardest and most frustrating tasks to do, when it should be a fun task to complete. Gift-giving is an opportunity to show someone that you care about them, and know them well enough to get something they will love. They are the perfect way to show affection, and bond with a friend or loved one. 

Everyone loves to receive a gift,  no matter how big or small, but finding the right one can become a challenge. It is not always easy to find a gift, especially if you don’t know the person, or have been in their life for so long that you have run out of ideas. There is nothing wrong with not knowing and feeling a little stuck on what to decide.

Whether you are looking for a gift for the special lady or man in your life, here are some of the most important things that you should consider when making your decision. 

Consider their age 

If you are not sure what to give a person, the first thing you can think about is their age. This will help you narrow down your searches into the right categories, for example, if you are buying a gift for a grandparent, a toy or even a smart device might not be the most appropriate or relevant gift. You must consider how old the person is when you are choosing a gift.

Consider their needs

When looking for a gift for a loved one, it is easy to consider what you need, rather than what the recipient needs. Try to spend some time speaking to your loved one, to dive into the things that they need and would be more relevant. When you give them something they need, they are more likely to be grateful. It will also show how much you care for them, and that you are listening to what they say they need. Sometimes that can make a big difference and make the simplest gift special. 

Consider the occasion 

Different occasions will warrant different kinds of gifts. For example, a gift for valentines day will likely look very different to a gift on a birthday or a wedding day. You should therefore consider what would be more relevant and appropriate for the occasion. If it is valentines day, then you may consider gifting something special like flowers or jewellery. Personalised calendars make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

Consider personal preferences

You must consider the personal preferences of the person you are buying the gift for. This may be more difficult if you are purchasing a gift for someone in an office for secret Santa, than if you were buying one for your partner or close friend. If you are not sure what their personal preferences are, you must make an effort to speak with them to find out, or if it is a surprise, speak to their close friends so you can obtain the relevant information to help you make your final decision. 

Consider your budget 

Your budget is going to play a huge role in the kind of gift that you purchase for someone. You may also consider the unspoken rule of gift value. In some dynamics, it is deemed appropriate to spend a certain amount of money on someone and can create conflict and frustration if more is spent. For example, if you spend £500 on a gift, whereas your partner spends £50, it may create tension or make someone feel uncomfortable. In some dynamics, it may also be deemed inappropriate. 

Consider the season

If you like to give a person items such as clothing, you may consider the season. While you might have seen a really cool jumper that you know they would love, it might not be the best gift if you are in the middle of summer. Instead, you can consider gifting them the jumper when the autumn and winter seasons come along or give it to them at Christmas.

Consider how you can personalise it

In some cases, you can turn the most basic gift into something personal. This makes it special and your friend or loved one will love it even more. You can turn many gifts into something personal, for example, you can even personalise chocolates. You can create your own selection box of the chocolates that they love, or you can get messages printed on them. You can also get gifts that contain pictures or words on them, that make them unique to your relationship with the recipient. 

Consider your relationship with the recipient 

Your relationship with the recipient will be an important factor that you have to consider, as this will underline the budget you spend and the kind of gift you give. Your relationship should be considered so that you can purchase a relevant and appropriate gift for them. If they are a loved one or close friend, then you might not need to be as particular. However, if you are getting a gift for someone you have just started to date, or for a more formal relationship you have, for example, a teacher or a boss, you will need to be careful. You may not choose something so personal or expensive, and ensure it is appropriate. 

Consider the packaging

Once you have selected the perfect gift, you must consider the packaging, as this will form part of the overall impression when they receive the gift and provides the ideal finishing touch. You will need to balance the needs of the gift, for example, if it is large or fragile, with the preferences of your loved one. For example, if they are conscious of the environment, then they may consider buying recyclable paper. You will also need to consider the design, and whether you choose something big and bold, or elegant and discrete. 

Buying a gift for someone can be extremely difficult, whether you know them or not. To help you find the perfect gift, follow these top tips. 

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