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What Makes A Good Location For Your Wedding? *

*Collaborative post.

Lean in closely for a second so I can let you in on a little secret. There’s no such thing as the one and only perfect location for a wedding. Each wedding is different, meaning one location could be amazing for you but awful for someone else. The key is understanding what makes a good wedding location based on your circumstances. 

As you should be aware, location is extremely important when searching for wedding venues. It plays a pivotal role in how smoothly and successfully your day goes. So, how do you know if a location is good or not? Here are some factors to consider: 


First and foremost, think about all of your wedding guests. Where are they coming from? If all of your guests are local, then the ideal location is one that’s easy for everyone to get to. Perhaps a simple car journey or train ride is all it takes to get where they need to be. 

This is a critical consideration as it basically determines some of the other things we’re going to talk about. In simple terms, you ideally want a venue that suits your guests. 

Plus, the party size comes into play. If you plan on having a big wedding party, you may need a more local location. Smaller parties are better suited to remote locations as you don’t have to worry about getting hundreds of people there. 


Here, we’re talking about two types of accessibility. Firstly, how accessible is the location for your guests? What this means is can they reach it without any major concerns. For local weddings, are you choosing a location with good transport routes and on-site parking? For international weddings, you need to think about the accessibility of the location in relation to airports – is it far from the one everyone will fly to? 

Secondly, you must think about accessibility in terms of your guests and their unique requirements. Will there be people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues? If so, does it make sense to host a wedding at a location with lots of hills or steps for people to climb? Keep this in mind as it’ll help you rule out lots of unsuitable options. 


Lastly, you have to look at the location from an accommodation standpoint. Does the venue have places for people to stay overnight? Some of your guests may wish to book a hotel so they don’t have to leave early or worry about drinking a few too many glasses of champagne! 

A great wedding location will have accommodation either on-site or very close to the venue. It gives your guests the option to book overnight stays if they don’t fancy a late-night car ride and want to properly enjoy themselves at your wedding

Just like that, you understand what makes a good location for your wedding. Think about your guests, consider how easily accessible the location is and take its proximity to accommodation into account. Remember, one location may be perfect for some but not for you – it’s all about what works best for YOU. 

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