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10 Things to do with your Family in Tokyo *

*This is a collaborative post.

Are you visiting Tokyo this year with your family? If so, you can book your flights online through Cathay Pacific.  Although any time of the day is best for a visit to Tokyo, choosing the spring months for Tokyo visit would be much more comfortable. This complete guide will bring you a list of Tokyo’s family-friendly destinations for an exploration of one to three days or more.   

Fire Museum

A perfect kid-friendly spot that exhibits education and entertainment. Kids can learn a lot about the fire station history of Japan. Parents can dress-up as firemen along with their kids and play in fire trucks and helicopters. It is almost an interactive museum with some awesome moving displays and open helicopters where you can sit in and explore. Its historic fire trucks are impressive. Put this as your definite choice to visit if you have spare time of an hour or two. Moreover, the entrance for the Fire Museum is free for everyone.

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo is abundant with a lot of exotic animals such as Giant Panda, Red Panda, Polar Bear, Seal and Penguin. Carrying your kids is essential as little ones love pandas and this is probably the only place in Tokyo with Chinese Panda. There are many vulnerable birds as well. The west section boosts reptiles and other Asia-pacific animals. It is almost a better picnic spot to spend daytime and the food courts are attractive as well. Make sure you don’t feed the animals.

Tokyo Tower

Get a chance to see the city of Tokyo from one of the most famous observatory towers in the world, the Tokyo Tower. This tower is also known as the Eiffel Tower of Japan. By standing on it, you can enjoy a spectacular and breathtaking view of the city making your Tokyo tour an unforgettable one. As you ascend the tower you can visit the One Piece Museum with the same ticket at the entrance. The night scenery of Tokyo Tower creates a nicer picture similar to Paris’s Eiffel Tower. As such a great place for taking pictures, how about wearing a beautiful dress and put on some shining jewellery?

Hato Bus Tokyo Tours

Although guided tours are not everyone’s piece of cake, Hato Bus tours are nicely surprising guided tours in Tokyo. Guides are friendly, knowledgeable and funny people that keep us apprised of what we are seeing. It can be a full day or half-day tour as your choice. Buses are nice and comfy that pass through some very picturesque surroundings. A tour includes a particular list of tourist destinations and activities on the way. Tei Tea Room is famous for its traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is overall an amazing way to spend a day sightseeing in Tokyo!     

Sunshine City Aquarium

This is a great activity for a family with young kids on a rainy day. There are plenty of water creatures to see, besides the massive water tank in the middle. The seal show lasts for an hour and worth seeing. This is different from the conventional aquariums due to its location on the rooftop with an outdoor aquarium as well. Illuminated jellyfish are impressive.

Tokyo Dome City

An amazing place with a jaw-dropping structure. This is a must-stop for every family in Tokyo. It offers high-quality skylines experiences. If you visit Tokyo during winter months, Tokyo Dome City must be a definite destination. Roller coaster, Haunted house, Thunder Dolphin coaster and Ferris wheel are the topmost attractions here.

Tsukiji Market

This is a super fun outdoor market with a little bit of everything for everyone. There are lots of fresh seafood and a wonderful collection of souvenirs. The street food stalls are great for a quick grab. You can find almost all the requirements for a family from fresh fruits to kitchenware. Reaching the Tsukiji Market before noon is better as it gets crowded soon.    

Boat Tour around Tokyo

Hurry to Asakusa, take a Tokyo Water Bus to Odaiba or Hama Rikyu and sail through Sumida River! Some routes will be built around the Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. According to the station of departure, your visiting destinations would be different. However Sensoji temple, Nakamise Shopping Street and The Skytree are compulsory spots for every route. There are several departing centres in Tokyo. View of the city from the cruise is impressive as you receive much of the sea breeze. A family in Tokyo should not miss this few hours of city exploration on a river cruise.     

Ninja Restaurant

It’s a super cool place to go with kids and family. The service here is impeccable and ninja waiters and waitresses make this restaurant experience fun and full of surprises. There will be acts at the start when you enter. Taste, ambience and the appearance of the food are second to none. Prices are reasonable as well. A magician goes around each room and entertains the visitors during their dining. It boosts both veg and non-veg menus. The atmosphere is like a deep cavern with dim lighting and dark furnishing. So if you are in Tokyo try this spot for a Ninja dinner!

Tokyo Skytree

If Tokyo’s weather is fine, your location must be on this incredible sightseeing deck, Tokyo Skytree. It is worth being there around 4-6 pm to see the sunset after the day sky view. Night views are also excellent as you can see all the bright lights of Tokyo. The basement of the Skytree is a shopping complex. The special theme of the Skytree changes every couple of months such as Thomas and Friends or Final Fantasy 7 etc. It has observation decks on two different levels. But a photography lover must buy tickets for the upper level. Just go up and enjoy the panoramic view and don’t forget to bring your camera!

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