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10 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass for Your Garden *


You have always been on the imaginary fence when it comes to artificial grass in your garden. You always thought that all natural options were better, but were you really well-informed of the benefits that go hand in hand with this type of outdoor feature? In truth, there are so many more advantages to having fake grass than keeping on top of real grass, so it’s time to learn more. When you’re hoping to spruce up your garden, you need to feel well informed about your options. Knowing how artificial grass can serve you and your family will help you to make the right choice.

Consider some of the following reasons and you will soon know whether artificial grass is the best option for your outdoor space.

Low Maintenance and Simple to Install

Once you have decided that artificial grass is the right choice for you, it’s time to choose a local expert who has experience in this type of work. Working with Landscape Gardeners who are qualified horticulturalists and have in depth knowledge of synthetic grass will help you to achieve a desirable finished product. You will soon see how simple it is to install this type of lawn. Once all or the preparation is completed, you could have your new artificial lawn in a matter of hours. In addition to this, you’ll no longer need to get out your lawnmower twice a week! Having artificial grass saves you valuable time when it comes to taking care of your lovely lawn.

Cost Effective

The long-term benefits of having artificial grass outweigh the initial costs significantly. When it is installed correctly, you should be able to enjoy your artificial grass for many years to come. You can also explore numerous different price points too, so that you select the lawn that fits within your price range.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Once it is installed in your garden, you can expect your synthetic lawn to last around ten years. The durability of the materials will stand the test of time, even when you have children, animals and heavy foot traffic on your lawn. When you invest in something for your home, you want to make sure you can enjoy it for years to come, and this will certainly do that for you.

 No More Weeds To Fight Off!

If you’re fed up with going outside with your gardening gloves and fighting off the weeds, you will definitely benefit from artificial grass. When it is correctly installed, you will find that the grass underneath slowly begins to die, and that includes the weeds underneath it too. You can look forward to no re-growth as long as you choose a specialist to fit your lawn correctly with the right under treatments.

Wave Goodbye To Grass Stains and Mud!

If you have young children, you will understand the stress and annoyance that goes hand in hand with playing outside. Although you want them to experience the joys of the outdoors, you don’t want to deal with the clean up and stains afterwards. With artificial grass, it won’t get muddy during the rainy seasons and their clothes won’t be covered in grass stains after a day of playing outside either!

It’s Pet Friendly

If you’re worried about how artificial grass will affect your pets, you’ll be glad to hear that high quality synthetic grass is safe for your beloved furry friends. They’ll love the texture of the grass and it won’t cause them any harm. Just be wary of allowing them to go outside in extremely hot weather as the surface can become quite hot on their paws.

Reduce Your Water Consumption

Hoping to save the environment one step at a time? You are going to reduce your water consumption significantly if you don’t have a live lawn to keep alive. No more spraying your grass with water to keep it looking lush and green. It will have that green glow all year around without a hint of extra water from your taps!

Fewer Harmful Chemicals

Keeping your lawn green can often come at a price, as it involves a lot of nasty chemicals. Reducing the number of pesticides or specialist lawn treatments is much better for the local wildlife and your health too. Removing unnecessary pesticides from the air is something that every homeowner should be striving to do.

Reduces Allergies

Installing a synthetic lawn in your garden can help those who suffer with grass allergies quite significantly. If hayfever season always hits you like a tonne of bricks, you should consider an artificial lawn so that you can enjoy your outdoor space without the added pollen invading your space.

It Looks Neat and Tidy

Whether you’re a fan of artificial lawns or not, there’s no denying that it looks so much neater and tidier than a regular lawn. You have to put a tonne of hard work and effort into keeping a natural lawn look vaguely neat and tidy. Whereas an artificial lawn looks effortlessly neat with no extra work required. Whether you’re looking for a small square of artificial grass as a feature, or a full lawn, it will look polished and pristine all year round.

It’s clear to see that artificial grass offers a multitude of benefits to homeowners and business owners alike. Not only is it very cost effective to install, but it is also extremely low maintenance. Once you have installed your artificial grass, you can enjoy a neat and tidy garden that requires little to no upkeep in the future. Hiring a company that really knows their stuff will also help you to receive the best possible service and results. Working with a local landscaping company to fit your artificial grass will open up more opportunities too; they will know how to shape the grass and where to put it to create the most aesthetically pleasing effect. Hopefully, all of these positives will help you to make informed choices when it comes to choosing the right type of grass for your outdoor space.

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