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Top Tips for Your First Month of Sobriety *


If you’ve made the decision to go sober, congratulations. It’s not an easy decision to make, but if you notice that you are spiralling into a problem, then it’s actually a very intelligent decision that you could make for yourself. It’s vital that you see sobriety as the key to opening up the rest of your life, but that doesn’t make it easy to get to. 

The early days of recovery and going sober can be a very difficult time, especially if you’ve never gone through this before. Many are people who decide to choose sobriety, feel lost, alone, and as if they’re never going to get anywhere in life. However, that’s just not the case. You can still enjoy evenings out with friends, except that you’ll choose non alcoholic negroni instead of tequila slammers. You can still enjoy social occasions, but you are busy with your hands with nibbles or with handshakes rather than with a glass of wine. You need to make sure that you have all the tools at your disposal to get through to the other side of sobriety in the most positive way, and we’ve got some top tips for your first month.

Get as much support as possible

You can go beyond your sponsor when it comes to finding support because while your sponsor is there as you start to slip or if you are starting to have thoughts about skipping an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting? You need to have friends and family around you if you have anybody left to help. Support groups can really help you to meet other people in recovery and understand those who are in the same position you are. It’s so important that you attend those meetings. 

Get yourself into a good routine

Often people in recovery just need to have the next step mapped out for them, and that means getting themselves into a good routine that will make sense. Getting into and staying in that routine will prevent life from feeling chaotic and out of control, so it’s important that you start to establish that routine early. Use the help of your friends, family, and your support groups to get you there. Keep remembering that you do deserve to get help.

Move your body

It’s very easy to sit and think and wallow when you are not going anywhere except for your house. But if you get your body moving, you can start feeling the benefits of improving your health and not descending into alcohol. You need to curb those cravings and get rid of the stress and the anxiety build-up that comes with it so exercising on a regular basis can very much help.

Lean into meditation

Meditation is an excellent tool if you’re looking to stay sober because you can essentially train your brain into a space that will make you feel calm and relaxed, and therefore not a space where you would turn to alcohol. 

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