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How to Plan a Socially Distanced Party *

*This is a collaborative post.

2020 has been an odd year in many ways. For many of us, it has been pretty difficult. The rapid and unprecedented spread of coronavirus and Covid-19 have taken us all by surprise and the whole situation has changed our lives as we know them. Many of us have lost our work. Even more have had to start working from home. Our social lives have taken a hit, as we have to consistently follow social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of the virus. But now, four months into the pandemic, we’re beginning to slowly see measures and restrictions ease up. While life isn’t exactly back to normal yet, we are being able to see our friends and family members who we don’t live with in some capacity. We just need to make sure we’re all keeping two metres apart and are following government guidelines while spending time with our loved ones!

Now, if you have a celebration or event coming up, you may be looking for a way to mark the occasion. A socially distanced celebration is possible! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way!

Be Flexible

The first thing we need to emphasise is that you’re going to have to be flexible with your planning. The rules and guidelines are changing in line with the progression of the situation, so what is acceptable one day could be changed the next. Try not to invest too much into your party or set your heart on it definitely happening. You need to be prepared to rearrange or cancel if conditions and rules change before it is held.

Plan the Day

As long as you’re accepting of the situation, it’s time to start planning the event as you usually would. Consider different venues that are big enough to accommodate people that are distanced from each other. Where possible, host the event in an outdoor space or venue. Book services that you might need, such as a DJ, photo booth hire or delivered catering.

Minimise Your Guestlist

When deciding who to invite, keep numbers minimal. Check what the guidelines currently are in regards to numbers of people who can be in the same area at once. The fewer the better, as this makes the event more manageable.

Invest in Essentials

Certain essentials will help the day be as safe and successful as possible. If there are toilets, invest in social distancing floor stickers to indicate how far apart people should be queueing from one another. Invest in a hand sanitiser dispenser for when people enter and leave. Invest in face masks for anyone who might have forgotten their own.

Make Sure Everyone’s Comfortable

If you don’t feel comfortable hosting any kind of event right now, or any guests are uncomfortable with the idea, make sure to reduce pressure. Times are different right now. You don’t have to celebrate in the way that you usually would for birthdays and other events.

These are just a few pieces of advice that could help you to organise a safe and socially distanced event. Hopefully, it can come in useful sometime soon for you!

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