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Spicy Homemade Chips.

So I have found a new addiction, Slimming World Homemade Chips, so here is the recipe I use and spiced up a little! Ingredients 2lb medium sized Maris Piper potatoes Smoked Paprika Fry Light spray This will serve 4 people. Method Preheat the oven to 240°C. Wash the potatoes.  I leave the skin on, but you can peel if you like! Slice lengthwise into approx…

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Festival Bows.

So as festival season is upon us, I have picked my favourite festival outfit from Next. These wellies are too cute and I’d team them up with some red or white socks just peeping over the top.  3/4 sleeves are great for when it gets a little cooler of an evening.  I always use an across the body bag for ease and safety at festivals.…

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Leading Hotels of the World 85th Birthday, London

Last night the partner in crime and I headed over to The London Film Museum for the Leading Hotels of the World‘s 85th Birthday celebrations. The venue was amazing, really open yet filled with fun things to do such as watch clips from films that some of the Leading Hotels had played a part in, view costumes and props from some of the films visit the bar and fill…

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Right Now…

I am mostly… WEARING: Jeans, jeans and more jeans. HURRY UP SUMMER! WATCHING: Modern family, funniest show on TV! LISTENING: The Great Gatsby Soundtrack and loving it! READING: I’m not actually reading at the moment, must put my book back in my bag! MAKING: Lots of list! I always do this and never get anywhere! DOING: A lot of photography, and a lot of walking.…

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Lovely Lace.

I have recently become quite a fan of lace! Shock horror, I like something girly! At the moment the best selection I have found is on and here are a few of my favourite pieces: The lace accessories are even fantastic, never thought I’d say that!  This super cute bag has already featured in a post so I’m taking that as a hint that I really need to purchase…

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Battlesbridge Classic Car Show, Essex.

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L’Oreal DIY Ombre Kit.

So on Sunday I took a big step! I dyed my own hair without Mumma Bears help! This has never happened in the Squibb Household before, therefore, I was very nervous! I purchased the L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit from Boots, and went for the mid colour range.  At £7 I was a little worried that it’d fail miserably, but I was pleasantly surprised! The…

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