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Video of the Day!

I have so much love for this, in fact so much so that I steal moves from it to strut on my nights out.  I’m not sure I pull it off so well though! You may recognise the dancer from the Oliver Twist video.…

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Shepherd and Dog, Havering.

I headed over to one of the most in demand places in Essex at the moment for my dad’s birthday a few weeks back and thought I’d give it a little write up! Shepherd and Dog is rather hard to get into, being booked up for weeks in advance, but we were lucky enough to get a table on a Wednesday night!  When we arrived…

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Every girl has her wants and needs and this is the latest edition of mine. To be honest most of this I will never own! I’m sure most of you will guess what these are but just incase you’re a fashion newbie I will let you in on my secrets; Nike x Liberty Trainers, Estelle by Ugg, Hermes bag, 8 bit glasses, Solid Gold Bow…

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Theo Fennell.

As much a I don’t want to start thinking about Christmas these little charms from Theo Fennell have stolen my heart:…

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Missguided Purchases.

So I had a bit of a buy up from last week, and the items finally arrived yesterday. I was really pleased with what turned up, apart from the shirt! The disco pants and jeans fit perfectly, but the shirt, oh dear! I bought my usual size 12, and it fits my mum who is a very petite size 8.  Needless to say I was quite…

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Denise Van Weenen at Essex Fashion Week.

These stunning dresses come from the very talented Denise Van Weenen, who designs bespoke dresses just for you. And the lady herself……

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Dolly Rocker Kids at Essex Fashion Week.

The cutest kids fashion by far! I’m in love with Dolly Rockers Kids, and think I’m going to stock up now for when I have littlens! How cute can you get?!…

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Essex Fashion Week Red Carpet.

Here we have a selection of images from the red carpet at Essex Fashion Week. Gemma and Bobbie from The Only Way is Essex. Frankie Essex from The Only Way is Essex. Chloe Simms from The Only Way is Essex. Aron and Nicole from MTV’s The Valleys. Members of the Eastenders cast. Billie and Cara from The Only Way is Essex. Kerri Parker from The Playboy Mansion. Nikki…

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