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The Role Light Plays In Our Homes

When it comes to making the home a place that looks and feels wonderful, it is all too easy to become bogged down with the many trends that happen to be the next big thing during any particular season. Grey, outside in, minimalism, Hygge – there’s always something new to consider when it comes to the home. Inspiration from any source is never a bad…

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Gingerline; A Dining Experience Unlike Any Other

I was very kindly invited to experience Gingerline in return for a review through Love Pop Ups London.  However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own. This has to be one of the hardest posts I’ve ever sat down to write. It’s been tough for two reasons; one, that I can’t give too much away and spoil it for others as I’m sworn to…

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Art in The Home: What Are The Benefits Of Incorporating Art Into Your Home

Art in the home is not only stimulating for the mind, but it can also help each room in the house to work coherently together. With this in mind, we are going to take a look into the many benefits of adding art into the home the next time you are looking to decorate. Adds Uniqueness To The Home By adding art in your home,…

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Exploring the SEH BAC Showroom in Chelmsford, Essex

SEH BAC are now celebrating almost 50 years of bringing unparalleled home improvements to the South East so I was invited down to the biggest South East show centre at their Chelmsford branch, ahead of the new branch opening in Rayleigh. When you meet the staff you can see they care about how important your home is to you and that is should really reflect…

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The Best Reasons to Visit America

We all know I love America, in fact, when I was younger I had this dream of moving there after I got my degree, but alas, I’m still firmly rooted in Essex! From my first visit back in 1999 when I was 9 years old I totally fell in love with it, I know, it’s a huge place and I’ve only made it to 15…

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Slow Travel Explained; Why You Should Try It

Most people take a holiday to escape their daily routines and relax in a serene environment. It must be ironic for you to feel so exhausted after a vacation that you begin wondering why you took it in the first place. Instead of rushing through your checklist of every tourist hotspot you wish to visit, slow down and renew and re-energize your spirit. What is…

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Seeing The Best Of London On Your Trip

When it comes to visiting London, there are a lot of different things to see and do when visiting the historical capital city of the UK, and if you want to be able to maximise what you can see and do on your visit, it will require some planning. There are many ways that you can get around London at an affordable price, but not…

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Flights of Fancy – Dream Voyages to the Far Flung

Everybody has a bucket list these days. I don’t know what we called a bucket list before bucket lists were a thing. But the fact is that the phrase became so popular a few years back that they actually made a Hollywood film of the same name. Now everybody and their dog has a mental to-do list before their number is up. I, of course,…

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