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How to Make Walks with Your Dog More Fun *

*This is a collaborative post. Going on a walk with your dog should be a pleasant experience. You’re out in the fresh air and you have your best four-legged friend at your side. However, much of the time, it can be anything but fun. Whether it’s because your dog is pulling on the lead too much or because you’re getting soaking wet, you don’t always…

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Why Visit Mauritius? *

*This is a collaborative post. Named after Prince Mauritius, located off the Southeast coast of Africa is a good destination from May to December. During this time, the weather there is cool, sunny and dry. Mauritius is an island nation of lagoons and palm-fringed beaches (click here to learn what island nations are). Most of its coastline is surrounded by coral reefs.  With its white…

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Travelling Responsibly When You Have A Pet To Care For *

*This is a collaborative post. Owning a pet is something a lot of modern people dream of. Having a little animal to be your best bud to the end, to follow you where you go and climb into your lap so you can both have snuggles on the sofa – what could be better than that?  But of course, wanting to travel and explore the…

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Five Ways You Can Cope When You Get A Dog *

*This is a collaborative post. A new pet or addition to the family is always going to cause a little upheaval at first. A dog is a common pet for many to have at some stage of their lives, and whether you choose to have a puppy or rehome an older dog, there are so many things you need to consider when it comes to…

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Winter Looks For Curvier Ladies

When the temperature outside drops, it’s time to suit up and get the layers of clothes ready. As a curvier woman, you want to get the best out of your wardrobe but you have to invest in some styles that really complement you this winter. This article will recommend the best style hacks for curvy girls that will have you looking trendy all winter long.…

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What Makes A Great Wedding Photographer? *

*This is a collaborative post. It might be that you’re hoping to get married soon. It can seem like planning this process is easy on the surface, but unfortunately, this takes complex planning and practical consideration. However, if applied in the right way, it can be plenty of fun. There are many things to keep in mind when planning a wedding, not all of them…

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The Advantages Of Buying LED Headlight Bulbs *

*This is a collaborative post. Having proper lighting in your home is very important, especially in those long winter days. You need to be able to see properly. You can’t sit down and read when you can’t see the words. For everything you do, you will need light. Also, some people experiment with lights. They see them as decorative features. You can place them anywhere…

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SmartBuyGlasses to Launch a Black Friday AND Cyber Monday Sale Event

Leading the way with its customers in mind, SmartBuyGlasses UK has just unveiled its deals lineup for the Black Friday 2019. The list includes several all-time favourites as well as huge discounts on up-and-coming eyewear brands, giving them the chance to save BIG when purchasing designer eyewear. The promotion is available on all eyewear site-wide, all shapes, sizes and materials, giving customers a huge collection…

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Squibb Vicious is also known as Haydy.
She can often be found travelling the world to fly her drone and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of staycations, Leyton Orient, long walks and taking too many photos.
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Enter Shikari
Bishops Castle
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Bishops Castle cont.
Brecon Beacons
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DisneyLand Paris
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Wedding No.1- Norwich
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Wilkestock Festival
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30th Birthday Suprise
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My 30th Birthday!!

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