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Beauty Tips for Your Wedding *

*This is a collaborative post. Planning a wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but a lot of brides spend it worrying about everything being perfect and looking their best. There is a lot of pressure on brides to make their wedding magical for everyone in attendance, and this includes the way she looks. Take a deep breath and relax. Following…

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The Common Goals To Set Yourself For 2020 *

*This is a collaborative post. It is that time of year again. Many of us love to set goals in January ready to make the year ahead the best one yet. It could be along the lines of self-improvement or maybe you want to do things or have experiences that you haven’t done before. Now is a great opportunity to reevaluate the previous year and…

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How you can Save Energy by making your Home Smart

*This is a collaborative post. Climate change is all over the news at the moment. We are all beginning to see the effects of it and whilst corporations and governments need to take action, it’s also up to us to do what we can. Lowering your carbon footprint can be difficult and it’s hard to know where to begin with so much information out there.…

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5 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should be in Africa *

*This is a collaborative post. A lot has been said about Africa. In fact, as far as travel goes, African destinations have found themselves on numerous bucket lists. But what makes the continent such an easy pick for a world traveller? In this article, we share with you some good reasons why Africa should be at the forefront as your next holiday destination. We give…

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DIY: Understanding your Air Conditioner’s Symbols *

*This is a collaborative post. One of the biggest challenges most people face after buying and installing an air conditioner unit is using its remote control. The air conditioner symbols used by the manufacturer on their remotes can be confusing. Considering that you have to control most of the processes of the air conditioner using its remote control, you have to understand the symbols. So,…

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Six Reasons Your Water Drains Are Clogged *

*This is a collaborative post. Blocked drains may seem a minor issue at first, but it can quickly escalate into a nasty and expensive problem. A clogged drain can slow down water drainage, cause corrosion, and in extreme cases, cause blocked sewage. Solving this problem starts by recognizing the causes of clogged drains. Here are major causes of clogged drains in domestic properties and how…

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Top Tips for your Very Own DIY Home Cinema *

*This is the collaborative post. Watching a movie with your family or in the company of friends is one of the most rewarding and engaging activities you can devote your time to. You have sat in theatres and your own living room through epic moments, memorable romantic trips and deep engaging mysteries. You’ve laughed and cried, jumped in awe. Children, should you have any, have…

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The Best Silent Disco Events in London *

*This is a collaborative post. First of all, let’s clarify the mystery once and for all – what is a silent disco and how does it work? It’s a rather new concept and it may sound strange, but actually, it’s very simple – and incredibly cool! It is simply a disco event, where people put on a pair of special noise-cancelling headphones and choose their…

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Squibb Vicious is also known as Haydy.
She can often be found travelling the world to fly her drone and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of staycations, vegetarian food, long walks and taking too many photos.
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