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How to Create an Outdoorsy Feel in your Living Room

When the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, there’s nothing nicer than being outdoors, but when the weather takes a turn and you’re stuck inside, then why not give your living room a little makeover so you feel like you’re outdoors all year round?! There are a few little bits and bobs you can do to make this happen and I’ve picked my…

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Why Mini Cruises are Top of my City Break List this Year

Cruises are something I love doing but Mike has never been on one, so I’ve been doing a little research into the best way to introduce him to the world of cruising; Mini Cruises! You can take a three to five day cruise from Southampton to parts of the British Isles and Northern Europe, what a way to get him involved. Whilst I’ve been doing…

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Home Improvement Projects: Why it Makes Sense to Hire Professionals

We all like to carry out improvements to our home, and while a lucky few are competent DIY enthusiasts who can handle anything, the majority of homeowners have limited knowledge and experience in this department. It is oh so easy to take on an ambitious improvement, only to find that it isn’t as easy as we first thought, and rather than having to call in…

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Where to Drink in Bath

As you will have seen in my previous post, Bath has an abundance of places to eat in, and this is very much the same when it comes to drinking. Whether you love to sip wine in a wine bar, have a cheeky cocktail or two in a trendy bar or just a simple pint in a pub; Bath has something for you. Beckford Bottle…

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How to Visit Disneyland Paris in 48 Hours

Disneyland Paris is one of my most favourite places in the world, only beat to the top spot by Walt Disney World and the Disney California Adventure Park! Ok, you got me, I am a hardened Disney fan! I’ve been to the various Disney Parks a grand total of 15 times and I fully plan to keep adding to that number. Most recently, I spent…

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Where do I Plan on Getting Married?

Don’t panic guys, you’ve not missed any form of an announcement; I’m just back daydreaming as I’ve been on a hen do this weekend so there was plenty of wedding chatter going on. I’ve always been so sure that I want to get married but the type of wedding I’d like changes all the time. For me, the venue really sets the theme and tone…

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Finding What You’re Looking For On The Housing Market

The housing market can be a very confusing place. It’s filled to the brim with legal terms most of us have never heard of, let alone understand, and even just trying to rent a place of your own is getting more and more complicated. It can be a very stressful time, trying to move house, and that can really bog a lot of us down,…

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Where to Eat in Bath

Bath is quite literally filled to the brim with great places to eat and drink. When we visited in January we ate at a few that we could fit in, but I’d happily return to try out some more of the restaurants. As Bath is steeped in history there are so many restaurants in historic buildings which, for me, make dining there even more special.…

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