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How To Care For Poinsettia Plants *

*Collaborative Post. As we approach the festive season, many green-thumbed individuals will be looking to add some vibrancy to their homes and gardens. One such addition is often the stunning poinsettia plant with its bright red and deep green aesthetic. The appearance of these plants has quickly become one associated with the Christmas period. The red parts of the poinsettia are retrofitted leaves known as…

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High Quality Items You Should Invest In For Your Home *

*Collaborative Post. Creating a comfortable and stylish home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Investing in a few key pieces can Transform your space into an inviting retreat without breaking the bank. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Check out our top items to invest in for your home. A Good Mattress  Your mattress is one of the essential furniture in your…

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Why Having Your Own Style Is The Best Way To Dress *

*Collaborative Post. Dressing the way you want to dress is the best way to live your life, and there should never be any doubt about that! Forget about what people say on TV, or what you read in magazines or on social media – a good style is one you’re comfortable in, and that means deciding on your wardrobe for yourself.  To make sure you’re…

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Improving The Energy Efficiency Within Your Home *

*Collaborative Post. Now is a time where the practicalities surrounding energy use are particularly relevant to consider. Not only are bills going up for many around Europe, but as the climate crisis continues, more and more people are focusing on what they can do within their households, and as part of their lifestyles, to lessen their impact.  On top of that, winter in the northern…

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Top Five BYO Restaurants in London

If you know me, you know I’m a stickler for fantastic food and divine drinks so when a restaurant offering BYO (bring your own) it immediately peeks my interest! Plus, in this climate, it’s a great way to save a few quid on a night out too (just check corkage charges! But where an earth in London can you bring your own booze along with…

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What To Consider When Deciding To Renovate Or Buy A New Home *

*Collaborative Post. The market for real estate in the USA is so hot right now that many people are considering selling their homes for some quick cash. If their home was no longer their dream home then they felt that this is a good chance to go out and find one that is. Others are thinking about using the equity they have built up thanks…

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Expert Tips when Selling a Furnished Home *

*Collaborative post. It’s becoming more common to buy homes with furniture included, which has its pros and cons. Of course, selling a furnished home is almost always better, but here are some expert tips. Make Your Home Magazine Worthy Making your home immediately stand out and dazzle a buyer is the best thing you can do to get a quick sale at a price you…

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Why Do You Need an Extension Architect for Your Project? *

*Collaborative Post. Anytime you want to start an extension project, whether it is for home, commercial, or construction purposes, it is vital to have an extension architect. They play an essential role in helping you build any extension because they show you how to do it affordably and efficiently in terms of space. According to statistics, those who start do-it-yourself or DIY extension projects put…

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