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How to Build a Good Credit Score when you’re not Paying Rent *

As we all know, as I don’t shut up about it, we are hoping to buy a house together sometime soon and in order to get a mortgage, I’m going to have to make sure I’ve got a credit score. Much to my surprise I never realised how tough it was to get a mortgage approved when you haven’t proven you’re able to pay off monthly bills,…

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How to Earn £1,500 a Month from Home!

First I think I better start with an introduction; my name is Jon and I run a number of websites including TotallyBlogging, Compare The Matched Betting and of course The Money Shed which is the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money online. The site has been around for over 5 years and with a UK community of over 7200+ UK users and over 138,000 posts there’s nothing we…

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Eleven Things to do when Visiting Bath

Bath is quite literally filled to the brim with things to do. I actually wish our stay there was for a few more nights as there was so much more we could have done! I’ve decided to share the list of things I wanted to do before we headed there; some we got to do, others will have to be saved for another time as…

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Tips for Driving in Hot Weather *

Drivers are always urged to observe safety while on the roads. This is because road accidents have claimed many innocent lives. Many road accident cases have been as a result of carelessness by drivers and other road users. Drivers who ignore traffic rules put the lives of other road users at risk. Overlapping or overtaking dangerously can result in road accidents. It is exactly the…

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The Most Instagrammable Locations in Bath

If you’re anything like me, which I’m guessing you are as you’re reading this post, then you love taking great photos and sharing them on your Instagram. I always like to do a little bit of research as to where I want to visit when visiting a new place and when, like Bath, they’re just super pretty I like to make note of where I’m…

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The Best Veggie and Vegan Burgers in London *

Most recently, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m really cutting down on my meat intake so I thought I’d share with you where I will be getting my burger fixes from that are totally meat free and what’s on the list of where I’m heading to next. These will all be London based as that’s where I eat out the most. Bite Me Burger Co My…

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Five Great Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you have yet to make any plans, it isn’t too late to arrange an evening that you will both remember for many years to come. It can be challenging to come up with a novel and romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day, and with that in mind, here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to please your…

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Dante’s Brasserie, Maldon *

When a new restaurant opens in Essex, you can count on me to be there to give you the down low. The newest addition to Maldon is Dante’s Brasserie; opening in September 2018 in The King’s Head Centre, which is a 16th century listed former pub that now houses independent businesses. Dante’s has been named after Charlotte and Mario’s, the owners, young son, and they’re on a…

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She can often be found travelling the world to fly her drone and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of blue doors and walls.
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