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Staying Safe When You’re Renovating Your Home *

*Collaborative post. Renovating your property is a fantastic way to add value, both in terms of how much you can sell it for and what it means to you. You can choose to renovate yourself or you might elect to get some professionals in to do the hard work. Whichever you choose, staying safe during the renovations is essential. It can be dangerous work if…

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Couples Retreat Ideas to Shake off that Quarantine Funk *

*Collaborative post. Many people came out of 2020 exhausted after having spent the last year with only one or a few people. If you and your partner need a romantic pick-me-up, you’ll love these couples retreat ideas. What is a couples retreat? The couples retreat is an underrated wellness tool for maintaining happiness and fulfillment in your relationship. Whether you’re married or RDPs (registered domestic…

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The Importance Of Training Your Dog *

*Collaborative post. Having a dog brings all kind of joy. They are man’s best friend after all! But to really enjoy your time together, a little training goes a long way. Left to their own devices, dogs can get into all kinds of mischief, which can lead to various issues. Training your dog has a number of benefits for them and you, and it can…

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A Few Ways You Can Look To Cut Costs *

*Collaborative post. So many of us are always looking to be thrifty, save money and spend less where we can. We would much rather spend the money we work hard to get on things we enjoy rather than rent and bills. There are a lot of different ways to cut costs and start saving money where possible. Here are a few of the ways you…

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5 Benefits to Choosing Clear Aligners *

*Collaborative post. Choosing to correct dental issues as an adult can mean you have greater control of the options available to you, plus you are in a better position to look after your teeth and follow any instructions correctly. One such treatment that can be carried out as an adult is to have braces—specifically clear aligners. However, unlike traditional braces, clear aligners don’t have that…

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Different Massage Therapies To Try For Mental And Physical Wellness *

*Collaborative post. A survey conducted by American Massage Therapy Association confirms that approximately 19% of Americans like to have some form of massage, and the reasons vary from person to person. Some people need to feel relaxed after having a hectic week at work, while others need to get relief from injuries and enjoy being pampered- the list is endless. According to health experts, massage…

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DIY tricks for Dog Owners *

*Collaborative post. Looking to save money as a dog owner? Trying a few of these DIY tricks could be a way of spending less, as well as a fun way to test your craft skills. Below are just a few different DIY tricks for dog owners. Pexels. CCO Licensed. DIY dog toys Is your dog forever chewing through new toys? Instead of forking out £10…

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How Switching From Smoking To Vaping Is Easier Than Ever *

*Collaborative post. Ten years ago, switching from smoking to vaping was seen as an odd choice, not only that but also a dangerous choice. That was mainly due to the fact it was an unknown variable in science, health and society in general. These days, it’s much more common to see someone in the street using a vape device, than lighting a cigarette. Here are…

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