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Spending Time with Moz *

We all know Moz as that cheeky monster that appeared in the John Lewis Christmas ad this year. He was pretty selfless when he gave the little boy whose bed he hid under a lamp so he wouldn’t be scared of the monster under there! I don’t know many people that selfless, so as ever, John Lewis are sending pretty lovely messages via their advertising.

But did you know that John Lewis make LEGO versions of their Christmas adverts?

They teamed up with professional LEGO building company Bright Bricks to construct the scenes that were on display in John Lewis on Oxford Street in December. In total, the scenes have amassed 169 hours worth of work and they used a whopping 12,050 bricks.

Just look at how amazing they are…

We all remember the stunning snowman advert from back in 2012. This was actually known at The Journey and it was made from1,800 bricks and took 18 hours to build!

In 2013, John Lewis introduced us to The Bear and the Hare and the cuddly toys sold out pretty quickly! This was made from 2,400 bricks and took the team 20 hours to build.

Monty the Penguin graced our screens in 2014 with his quest to find love that warmed even the coldest of hearts and that took 2,300 bricks with a build time of 22 hours.

It doesn’t seem like 2015 when the Man on the Moon first came to our screens! Despite this being the build with the smaller amount of bricks,1,700, it took the longest to build at 33 hours.

My favourite John Lewis advert was with Buster the Boxer and the fun he had on the trampoline! I’m such a dog person so it was obvious this would win me over! This build was only 1,200 bricks but still took 23 hours to make.

And this year cutie, Moz the Monster used a huge 2,650 bricks and took a crazy 53 hours to create! So worth it though!

And you know me and my love for LEGO right?!

Yes, that’s right, I got a Mini Moz! I built him with my own tiny hands and it took me about an hour as I’m a little clumsy! I don’t think Bright Bricks would want me anywhere near their builds! So Moz came and spent a little time with the Squibbert family over the festive season.  His first mission was to guard our wine whilst we watched The Vicar of Dibley. He passed that mission with flying colours so we promoted him to part of the family and he headed over to my parent’s house with me!

He was taken under Chungy’s wing where she snuggled with him whilst we opened our gifts. She did a super good job of making friends with him! Chess, on the other hand, was a little more interested in trying to run off with him so we kept a close eye on that cheeky monkey!

But it seemed that Chungy was up to some scheming too! She managed to convince Moz to climb up into our Christmas to see if he could find any presents for her! It’s always the quiet ones right!?

At this point, we had to separate Moz from the scheming dogs and take him out to lunch with us!


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