London Living with an Alternative Twist!


What’s better than spending a Tuesday evening meeting lots of new bloggers, improving my diet and getting sweaty? Well I’m sure you can think of lots of things but as the London Marathon is getting closer this was a great way to spend my evening with #CurrysIntroJuicing.

The team over at Joe Blogs put on an amazing evening, as ever, and I learnt so much whilst having fun!

The evening began with a nutritional talk from Derry Temple where I learnt the pros and cons of juicing!  Obviously the pros outweigh the cons, but I did learn you’re meant to have a least 8 fruit and veg a day, yes you read right, EIGHT!! I so need to up my game! Also learnt that you need fat to break down fat so whatever you do do NOT rely on juice as a diet.  Your body can’t cope without fat or protein! I took this a sign to enjoy a good burger every now and again!

We then moved on to the juicing ourselves…


We chose our fruit and veg from the HUGE selection laid on for us. I went for…


and top it up with more pineapple and strawberries when I realised how much fruit is needed for a juice! I also added in some Almond milk 🙂


The machines we got to try out were from the Currys collection of juicers, including the stylish Philips HR1871 Avance model.

I have to say, mine tasted pretty damn good! Even after I added some protein for after my work out we were about to embark on with Derry!

Team Pic group 1

Derry took us over to Urban Kings for a serious workout; we had half hour to warm up and get sweaty!


It was circuit training!! I had never squatted, lifted or lunged so much in my life, so it was safe to say that by the end of it I was super relieved to grab my juice and chill out!

The event was awesome and to make it even better I won a Phillips Juicer!

Thank you for a great evening 🙂



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