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How to Take the Best Photographs when on your Summer Holiday *

As you all know I’m a dead keen photographer and it’s become a chunk of my freelance income now which is beyond anything I ever imagined it could be when I got bought my first camera at 16 years old by my dad. I remember standing on a beach in Hawaii just as the sun was starting to set and dad said to me ‘If you can take a better photograph of the sunset than the one I’ve just taken. without peaking at it, then I will buy you your own camera.’ It was totally game on! I am still such a huge fan of the photograph I took that evening; a bright orange sunset, a little of the sea and sand all framed by a leaf from a nearby palm tree. It literally sums up paradise. My dad stayed true to his word and bought my first ever point and click camera, that got me through Sixth Form and plenty of parties. Over the past 12 years, I’ve been lucky enough to upgrade my kit time and time again and now I’m so happy with what I’m using.

I’ve taken so many photos that we’ve got so many hard drives filled with them because it’s too much for the computer to hold and I don’t want to just get rid of them when they’re great memories. Especially old holiday photos from before the days of Facebook and Instagram, those family shots that might come in useful at someone’s big birthday, you know that kind of thing!

Whenever we travel now, we take a fair amount of kit with us as we not only photograph but we make videos too! We tend to take in our bags a camera each, a few lenses depending on where we are going, a tripod or GorillaPod, lots of memory cards, spare batteries and all the chargers. If we’re able to then we take the drone along with us too. It may seem like a lot but we just cant’ travel any lighter these days! The team over at Clifton Cameras have put together a great list of what is best to pack camera kit wise when traveling and some incredible places you’ll be wanting to photograph next!

What kit do you travel with?

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