London Living with an Alternative Twist!

The Aubin Cinema, London.


On first approach I certain felt that I wasn’t indie or cool enough to heading to a place like this, but once inside it’s a different story! Down in the basement there’s a quaint little bar, and the one room cinema. The toilets aren’t up to much, but in a basement what do you expect!

Once seated in the most divine cinema I have laid eyes on, I didn’t want the film to end! Snuggled up on a sofa with Aubin & Wills cushions and a large blanket, there was no better way to get out of the rain. We were half an hour early, so we whiled away the time just having a chat and feeling totally chilled, so much nicer than being out at a normal cinema, with those awkward chairs that you can’t ever get comfortable on.

The snacks were a little pricey but well worth it, as watching a film at half 6 with a hungry belly was probably not my best idea having been at work all day!

When the film came to an end, I was certainly disappointed that I was going to have to leave the comfy sofa and head back out into the horrid weather! I would really recommend seeing a film here; it’s reasonably priced, and has a few film choices throughout the week. You can even chose the sofa you want online, but if sofa snuggling isn’t for you, then there are plenty of arm chairs available. With the cinema only seating up to 50 people I would definitely book online before you go.


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