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MeatLIQUOR, London.


A Burger Connoisseur; that’s what I’d call myself. I eat more burgers that any small female should, and have decided that my mission is to find the best burger out there. My quest led me to the fantastically decorated MeatLIQUOR in London, and I do feel that my mission has come to an abrupt end!

I have never had such an incredible burger, the green chilli left me wanting more and even the chips were too good to leave any. I wish I had found this place sooner as I would never have another burger anywhere else!


I could go on about how cool drinking out of jam jars felt, or how awesome the walls were painted, or even how much fun it was too share a giant tray to eat your food off was, but I really think just talking about how amazing my burger was does Meat LIQUOR justice.

If you are ever in London then hunt this epic eatery out, and treat yourself to what I would call the best burger I’ve found! The prices are very reasonable, but be sure to get there early so you don’t have to queue.


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