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These Boots Weren’t Made For Walking.

The first piece of writing I did for Quintessentially:

Having been a shoe addict all my life, it seemed appropriate to have a pair designed to exactly what I desired.  I’ve never been one to follow a trend and having unique items is quite a fascination of mine.

My Dr. Martens have always had pride of place in my wardrobe as I tend to find myself dressing to a punk, and ska trend with the delights I find from vintage outlets.   My newest purchase was white leather, and of course, Made in England, but I found them a little bland.  ‘Do I go wild and paint them myself, maybe use some nail varnish I have in the drawer?!’  Then I thought the better of it and asked my artistic cousin as I trusted her a lot more then I would myself.  So off I packed my sparkly white boots, and forgot about them for a month or two.

As I awoke on Christmas morning, there was that old familiar battered box hidden under our tree, maybe my parents were simply using the box for something else, and it wasn’t until I was handed it that I fell in, they’d been painted!

As I opened the box I gasped in disbelief, they were the most stunning pair of shoes I had ever seen.  Branded with a bright, bold Union Jack painted as though the flag was flying proud from a mast.  I was in awe of such stunning workmanship; surely my cousin wasn’t this talented and had hidden it from me!

My father then made me aware that David Blake, aka HEKstyle, that is known for designing shoes for the likes of Jessie J, Professor Green, and Tinie Tempah just to name a few, had been let loose with a paintbrush to create my works of art.  Never had I seen such incredible lines, and something more perfect for my love of all things patriotic.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

Funnily enough they have never left the house as I am far too in love with them for them to get trodden on, but I have taken an extreme liking to personalising my other footwear to stand out from the crowd a little more, even when I’m working in the office!   Stolen Riches have totally hit the nail on the head with their selection of laces designed for office shoes in the most incredible of colours including Mission Blue, Folsom Black, Moville Green, Der Alte Burgundy, Gipper Brown, Portsalon Red, Buster Purple, Tiqui Orange, Dickie Blue, Isolar Silver, and the signature Gabelich Blue lace.  Stolen Riches have been producing laces for over four generations, including  through two World Wars, and once again, tapping into the successful entrepreneurial spirit of the brand to bring Stolen Riches laces to fashionable feet everywhere.

The best bit about it is that Quintessentially Members get 20% off their purchases!

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