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Exploring Kaleidoscope’s Spring Summer 2019 Wardrobe *

When it comes to fashion, I very much do my own thing. I’m not fussed if it’s something that’s deemed as on trend or cool, all I care about is that I’m comfy, feel good and think I look half decent! I do love purchasing staple pieces in prints that I love to build my outfits around. In the winter I tend to go with darker colours, lots of checks and tartan and in the summer I always gravitate to leopard and polka dots. Well, it seems, that for once in my life I’m gonna be deemed as fashionable as leopard and polka dots are sticking around for Spring Summer 2019!

I was recently invited to check out the new range from Kaleidoscope and was dead impressed! I mean, it takes a lot to not be impressed by a penthouse suite in London complete with a bed of shoes!

It’s the detail that makes Kaleidoscope fashion so special. It’s in the cut, the fabrics and the way we use lace, embroidery, beads and sequins. There’s a huge range of wonderful fashion items and accessories to choose from – all with the special exclusive detail that you won’t find on high street clothes. I’ve never seen so many beautiful pearls on a range of clothing and shoes, making it so different from anything I’ve ever seen before!

Choosing your favourites from their key fashion looks for the season is easy with Kaleidoscope, and they’ve added that special detail that makes all their clothes, shoes and accessories different from anything you’ll find on the high street. They have so many other incredible prints that aren’t leopard or polka dot, I just happened to photograph lots of that!

Despite Kaleidoscope being aimed at women over 40, there were so many pieces in the range that I would happily wear and so would my mum! And we have very different tastes in clothes so it shows just how there really is something for everyone! Another thing I loved about learning about Kaleidoscope was when they say it’s good value for money they really do mean that. There wasn’t a pair of shoes that I loved worth over £50 even though they were made from real Italian leather!

I’ve added so many items to my wishlist for summer next year and have also found plenty of ideas for gifts for both my mum and Mike’s mum for the next year! I’m thinking a leopard bag with matching shoes so that I can borrow them, that’s what gifts are for right?

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