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Interview with Vadergirl.

The lovely Vader Girl has become a bit of an online goddess on Facebook.  She has a fantastic page that posts all kinds of Star Wars themed pictures, does fan of the day, and has one of the nicest bunch of followers out there.  I was lucky enough to interview her:


How and where did Vadergirl come about?
I started posting pictures on Instagram from different cons and gained a huge following fast.  Someone suggested I make a Facebook page so I started researching star wars Facebook pages and noticed that most were ran by men and most only showed the playboy type of geek girls.  I felt like a new page needed to be made from a female fan girls perspective and also one that shows the “everyday” fan boy and fan girl.
What made you chose the name Vadergirl?
I decided to call myself  Vadergirl because I relate to Darth Vader the most. He struggled with the good side and the dark-side just like all of us do. I have days when you see the Anakin part of me and some days when you see Vader take over.
Are your family all into Star Wars and the like, or was this something you found and enjoy alone?
No,  my family is not into Star Wars.
Have you ever considered running your own blog based around Vadergirl?
I have set up a blog but never used it, I have decided that the Facebook page can be my blog too.
What’s your favourite convention memory?
My favorite convention memory was when I interpreted for the great Stan Lee.
Are all of your convention outfits, if you dress up, Star Wars based?
I am not a “cos-player” I go to cons dressed normal. I do have a Han solo costume I made that  I have worn one time to a con.
What are your plans for Vadergirls future?
I hope to interpret at more comic cons.
What made you start doing fan girl/boy of the day?
I noticed that many pages shine the light on women, the men in the geek culture and women that look like
tend to be left out. That is why I decided to make a fanboy and fangirl of the day.
            How much memorabilia do you have yourself, and what’s your favourite? 
 when you enter my home you will see no star wars memorabilia except for a blow up, remote control Artoo sitting on my fireplace (I don’t use my fireplace). I keep all my Star Wars stuff in my bedroom. The moment you walk in my bedroom you are immersed in star wars mania. I have a queen size bed with a Star Wars bedspread, tons of Star Wars plush and pillows on it. Star Wars posters and action figures cover my walls and every where you turn you will see a star wars toy stuck in every corner in an organized way.  My favorite is my large  Obi-Wan action figure.
Is there anything else you’d want readers to know?
I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your support!!
Vader Girls page can be found here. Go and show here some love!
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