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Oh December…

December is finally upon us, and everyone seems knee deep in Christmas cheer.  Everyone that is apart those poor few of us that are lumbered with Christmas birthdays!  Being born on December 20th has always been a bit of a sore spot for me!

December Birthday Circle by Cindy Close

I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like being born at this time of year means Christmas cards with ‘P.S Happy Birthday’ scrawled in the bottom, or your birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper. But the worst of the very worst… A JOINT PRESENT.


For me there is nothing worse! I’d far rather two little presents or no Christmas gift.  Yes I sound like Scrooge but after almost 24 years of this happening it gets pretty annoying!!  If your birthday was in August you would never get a joint present, so please don’t use my date of birth as an excuse!


I’m not always a humbug, in fact I bloody love Christmas after my birthday has been and gone! The Christmas jumpers come out, I get super involved with Christmas drinks/parties and love spending time with my family.  I just feel that there’s a lot of over shadowing being done and I’d like my day to be as special as everyone else!

Gosh I’ve moaned a hell a lot!  There are some upsides; I do have an amazing family around me, and great friends that know how I feel and make sure they do both events separately!  It’s just me, I just can’t get into the Christmas spirit until I’ve celebrated getting older!


I will always get my Christmas shopping done in early December so I make sure I don’t have to spend my Birthday worrying about gifts I don’t have, and dashing out in the last minute panic.

Are you a December baby? How do you cope with Christmas?


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One response to “Oh December…”

  1. Louisa says:

    I completely agree – all the best people were born in December! 🙂
    My birthday was yesterday; luckily I didn’t get any joint presents but my mum (yes, my actual mother) wrapped my presents in Christmas tree paper!
    Flippin ‘eck, I was 31 – she really ought to know better! 🙂 x

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