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The Perfect Handbag!

I must say, I never understood the ‘hoarding’ tendency of women when it comes to handbags. Yes, they are necessary accessories for any woman (particularly the modern working woman), but is it really necessary to collect tens – or even hundreds of bags just for the sake of keeping with the trends?

One good handbag will satisfy all your needs and desires. Sounds crazy, but when you think about it, handbags are kind of like men: find one that meets all your criteria and you’ve got a keeper for life! So why live a life filled with clutter and confusion when you can have one bag that satisfies all your needs AND will last a lifetime?

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I’m not sure about you, but every day I face the difficult (and oftentimes, extremely distressing) conundrum of ‘but where will I fit everything?!’ Keys, makeup, water bottle, iPad, wallet – the list goes on. Some days, I am even guilty of bringing a plastic bag in to work just to store the ‘overflow’ – especially if I am wanting to go out after, and can’t store everything in my chic (but small) clutch. Add to this the fact that I want to look stylish, or at least not look homeless, and I was left scratching my head.

 So what constitutes the perfect handbag? Like I said, it has to be practical, stylish, and durable. It has to have that ‘wow-factor’ that means I will not get sick of looking at it day after day, not to mention being the envy of my friends. And most of all, it has to be suitable for every occasion. That is why I decided that designer was the way to go, as quite simply nothing else met my criteria!

 You may be thinking, ‘well that’s all well and good – but where do I find the money to spend on a luxury item such as this?’ Well, consider this: not only will it last for FAR longer than any cheap imitation Gucci handbag purchased in Bali (yes, I am guilty too), but the cost-per-use (i.e., the price paid divided by the amount it is used) will certainly justify forking out that extra bit of cash. It is common knowledge that, unfortunately, beauty is not eternal. But in this case, it can be! When buying designer, you KNOW that the leather is of the highest quality and thus will stand the test of time – it will even look better the older it gets!

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Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Guess, and Prada offer some great choices when it comes to fulfilling my requirements.  Rosalina Nacken has launched a handbag like no other called the Shelle Classica. The bag is made from luxury Italian leather and comes with a designer iPad case inside that transforms into a chic clutch for social evenings. The fact that it can be converted from practical handbag to chic clutch solves my earlier dilemma, and I love the unique look that makes them stand out from the crowd! Plus it will mean my iPad is no longer in transit in my bag, not requiring a complete remake of my bag every time I need to get it out.

 So, for all the women out there that continue to add to the stereotype that we are superfluous creatures that need hundreds of handbags to suit our needs and ‘keep with the fashion’, I say think again! All you need is the ‘perfect’ hand-bag that you love and can be used for every occasion, and you are set for life. A good handbag is timeless; and thus priceless.

What is your perfect handbag?


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2 responses to “The Perfect Handbag!”

  1. whatthemom says:

    I hope someday to find it.

  2. bluehairinbelgium says:

    I’ve never been much of a handbag person, I don’t think I got my first one until I was around 17. I’m more of a fit it all in your pockets person… but pockets got smaller and smaller over time.

    I don’t think I could justify a designer handbag because I will always leave my handbag at home if I can get away with it. even if that means my poor boyfriend has to carry my phone in his jeans and we share money and bank cards so it’s not really a problem.

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