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What’s Stressing Me Out About Turning 30 This Year?

This is a collaborative post.

So it’s no secret as I’m very open about my age online, but I’ll be turning 30 this December and there’s one thing that really bothering me already. I bet you can’t guess what it is?

It’s what I’m going to wear to my birthday party! There’s such a wonderful abundance of party dresses on the market that it’s so tough to know what I fancy. Yes, I know it’s pretty early to start worrying, but when it comes to looking closer to the time it’ll be Christmas Party Dress season and I’m not sure I want to be wearing sequins!

When I usually get dressed up I dress in a very 1950s pin-up style, so I really want to step out of my comfort zone. I want to wear something that no one would ever think I’d turn up in, something that my friends and family would never pick up for me if we were out clothes shopping.

I’m hoping to be a lot happier with how I look by the time I hit the big 3-0 so I want to be able to go all out when it comes to picking my outfit as I should be a lot more confident.

I’m forever debating in my head about what colour I want to wear and right now I’m stuck between red and black. I do wear an awful lot of black so I’m swinging more toward the red as it goes so well with my blue hair. Do I go with an off the shoulder number or do I do cap sleeves? Do I pick an asymmetric hemline which is different from what I’d normally go with?

Do I go with my current favourite print of red leopard, or will that not be fashionable by the time December rolls around? Would I be crazy to pair a cute dress like this black tights as you know the weather is going to pretty darn cold? I think I just prefer the cuter summer dresses as they have such nice frills and strappier top halves which is great when I plan on throwing shapes all night!

Do I go against the grain of wearing a fancy dress and buy a classy looking jumpsuit? I’m a big jumpsuit fan, having two already purchased for weddings we have booked this year. I do think that if I went with a jumpsuit I’d end up wearing black as I feel they just ooze so much class. They’re also really easy to accessorise with a pop of colour in your shoes and bag.

Maybe I’m making too much of what I wear but I’m in the headspace of if there’s a reason to get all dolled up and buy a fancy new frock or jumpsuit, then my 30th birthday is a bloody good reason. I’m going to be surrounded by my closest friends and family and it’s rare we all get dressed up together so why not put in some effort once in a while and enjoy our evening celebrating!

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