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My Electrical Obsession.

Recently, I blame my partner in crime for this, I have become rather obsessed by technology and electronics. I don’t know whether it’s the prospects of having our own place within a few years that has made me have a sudden urge to buy all these cool techy gadgets to ensure our house will be the most up to date on the block, or whether I’ve finally got enough money to buy the cooler things in life!

I thought I’d show you my few items I can’t currently live without that I purchased from my favourite department store; John Lewis!


My Canon Digital SLR is never far from me, I love spending days just out taking photos and capturing moments. I’ve got a new found love for Street Photography so this will certainly be getting used more!


Just look how incredibly beautiful it is! My iMac is perfect in every way, he gets used for blogging, gaming and photo editing mainly but I have also doubled him as my TV!


My most recent purchase of all is this Apple Superdrive so I can watch DVDs and play The Sims on my iMac! Sims on that big screen is actually epic!

I’ve also got a large list of wants from John Lewis, so I’m going to share a couple here just in case someone’s feeling generous!!


I really feel like I need an iPad Air! It’d be so handy with work and play!


This beauty stole my hear about a year ago and I WILL own one! It’s the most stunning digital radio ever!


I NEED Sonos in my life. I want it in every room of my house!

What gadget from John Lewis are you lusting after?


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