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My 2018 Fitness Goals – What Do I Want to Achieve? *

For me, I love to have a fitness goal. Having something to work towards makes me more inspired to get down the gym and get working so I’ve made sure I set myself a few obtainable goals for the year as this girl is NOT running anymore London Marathons, that’s for sure! My legs just don’t have it in them! But I do want to get out and exercise more as it will go hand and hand with the weight I’m still wanting to lose and hopefully speed up that process ever so slightly, in a healthy way of course!

I don’t want to be sat at home all day when I’m freelancing either as I’m the type of person to get cabin fever pretty darn quickly so by setting myself some targets down the gym it means I’m more likely to get out and down the gym a few times a week which will help me as a person for sure.

So what targets have I set myself?

Gym Workout Three Times a Week

I want to make sure I hit the gym at least three times a week. I’m currently thinking that Monday, Wednesday and Friday mid-morning could be a great little timetable as it’s nicely spread out. I have a Virgin Active membership so to make it worthwhile paying I really need to go a lot more than I already am. If I stick to my 3 times a week it’ll only be costing me £4.50 a visit which is great value for how amazing the gym is! My local Virgin does a lot of classes too so I need to check the timetable and maybe swap a gym workout for a class to try something a little different. Last time I tried to go to a class where I signed up for an over 50’s Legs, Bum and Tum style workout so I need to read the descriptions a little better this time around!

Visit Bootcamp at Least Twice a Month

A lovely friend of mine runs the Fitness Rocks boot camp in Upminster twice a week and I’m making a vow right now to go more. I love it when we go but sometimes I find that life can get in the way a little too much! The classes are a Thursday night and a Saturday morning so I need to make a conscious effort to not book events or make plans around those times. The workouts there are so different to what I do in the gym so it really gets my muscles going and I always get that ‘you’ve worked hard’ ache after which I find so rewarding!

Give Swimming a Go!

Right, I am not a swimmer at all. In fact I really dislike swimming as I don’t like my face getting wet and the chlorine strips the colour from my hair, but I’ve made a promise to give a few lengths of the pool a go. I’m going to do it just before a hairdresser trip is due and I will need to buy a rather fetching swimming hat too. I’ve also been eyeing up a new swimsuit from Zoggs as they have such amazing prints and in my head having a nice swimsuit might make me want to stick it on and go for a swim!

Do you set yourself fitness goals?

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