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What Do You Take On Holiday?

The Co-op Food has commissioned research to see what top food items Brit’s have taken abroad this year and to be honest the results really shocked me! I have never taken anything on the list away with me!

Can you believe that Protein Powder is a new entry to the top 20 list, with Scousers being the most likely to pack in their suitcases this summer. This really made me laugh; you’re on holiday, have fun!!

Here is the Top 20 Foods that Britain take away with them:

1) Teabags 11) Tomato Ketchup
2) Instant coffee 12) Wine
3) Sweets 13) Powdered Milk
4) Biscuits 14) Cup-a-Soup
5) Bottled water 15) Nuts
6) Chocolate 16) Baked Beans
7) Cereal Bars 17) Cheese
8) Crisps 18) Salt
9) Sugar 19) Beer
10) Brown Sauce 20) Protein Powder

What is the strangest thing you have taken away with you… clean answer only please!!

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