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An Enticing Guide To Choosing the Best Gift For a Passionate Fashion Lover *

*This is a collaborative post.

We all have that special person, whether it is your mother, best friend or partner, who is following the latest fashion runways. Not only do they know what is trendy and what not so chic at the moment, but if a birthday, graduation, job promotion or some other important event is approaching, we get into an even worse situation of choosing the best gift. It is hard enough to stay in touch with latest trends, let alone get something for your friend that he or she doesn’t have, and above all, to get something that they would truly revel in. However, there is no need to get stressed about in advance, here is a guide that will get you covered.

A Cool and Chic Portable Charger

A normal person might have never thought that a small gadget can look posh and stylish. Well, all fashion enthusiasts, including your friend, mom, or wife, certainly knows that all mundane things can be upgraded to look astonishing. Since they will always be using their smartphones, a very useful and seemingly stylish gift would be a portable charger. And not just any kind, but one that looks like a lipstick. You can choose between red or pink marble colour, but a Stockholm-based brand, Richmond & Finch, will surely narrow down your choice.

A Bottle of Exquisite Wine

Nobody can say no to a vintage bottle of wine. This gift will surely amaze even people who are not so fond of this beverage. However, if you happen to be buying a gift for a stylish man, he would undoubtedly know how to appreciate a good wino. It would be great if you could accompany a good guidebook with this present. For instance, a book by one of the best sommeliers in the world, which is hand-bounded and presented in a large wooden crate, will make your friend drop his jaws.

Unique piece of Jewellery

Even if buying jewellery to your wife or mom might sound like an utter cliché, a keen fashion lover will always know how to cherish a good piece of jewellery. Go for something original and think out of the box. If you are getting a present for your best friend, but not want your other friend to be left behind, you can read on some reviews to find best friends necklace for 3 of your dearest friends. In that way, all of you can have your very own charm that will remind you of the importance of friendship and loyalty.

The Bouncy and Shimmery Colour Palette

Now, this is something only for the ladies. Where they follow the trends diligently or not so, no girl will say no to a new set of the shimmery eyeshadow palette. If you don’t know her colour preferences and if she has a specially designated taste of makeup, getting her an Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette will definitely win her over. If you are looking for something more extravagant and sophisticated, then go for Sephora’s Kaja shimmery pink eyeshadow set which she would absolutely love.

A Handy Mobile Photo Printer

Digital era has upscaled the way we take and preserve photos. Since everything is digitalized and since most photos are taken to be uploaded onto social networks, this gift will blow your friend’s mind off. A pocket-sized photo printer will easily transform your photos into hard copies. The only thing you need to do is connect the phone via Bluetooth to the printer, add some fun filters and cool effects, and voilà! Your friend will no longer post her fashion outfits online, but she will able to take a photo, use it as a sticker and make her very own magazine collection.

Luscious Cashmere Sheets

No matter if you are a keen fashion lover or a person enticed in mundane things, everybody likes to wake up feeling like royalty. Another great gift for people of both sexes is bedding sheets. By getting a classical and elegant cashmere sheet, your friend, mom or wife will be grateful and would use the gift for years to come. Basically, you will be buying a useful, sophisticated, and stunning-looking gift that will never go out of fashion.

A Cutting Edge Water Bottle

Constant daily commotions and an ongoing active and hectic lifestyle, keep everybody running around the city. We need water to keep us hydrated, refreshed and re-energized. A perfect gift would be to get a reusable water bottle that looks so ravishing and dazzling that you would never want to drop it out of your heads. Spotted fresh from the London Fashion Week, a water bottle that comes in a variety of gorgeous designs and innumerable colours will surely be a gift to cherish for eternity.

It may be hard choosing a gift for somebody who knows everything about fashion from the back of his head, but not impossible. This guide will hopefully help you wow them, so get your cash on and head out shopping.

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