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Wünderlusting at The Big Red, London

When you get offered the chance to eat dinner on a red London Bus, there is only one answer… HELL YEAH! And that’s exactly what we did on Sunday!


Wünderlust is a new pop-up restaurant that is housed in The Big Red on Deptford Church Street, and will be there for the next three months, hopefully longer!


We were greeted by owner Mark, who is part of Fleisch Mob and this is their newest venture! Mark oozed enthusiasm for the food, venue and made us feel so at home we didn’t really want to leave! He even let into some secrets about how they made their carrots so good, so watch this space, I’m about to become Queen of Carrots!

As expected when I said we dined on a red bus, we were sat upon old bus seats in front of a classic bus table looking out of bus windows onto the courtyard, and we so loved the novelty!


The wine list had four or so fabulous choices for each section, and we opted for a white wine as we’re going through a bit of a white wine phase! There is also the option of local craft beers but more on that later!


The menu had a small selection of divine sounding meals, and snacks, but with it being Sunday we obviously ordered the beef with all the trimmings, and we were so impressed! Just look at this delight…


What you can’t see under the beef is the most amazing carrot I have ever eaten. Ok, that sounds crazy, but I am SO fussy when it comes to cooked carrots and these were beyond words! I was even eyeing up the chaps portions, that’s how good they were!


We were so full up, so we chatted drunk our wine and had a little catch up with Helen, Mark’s partner in crime, who was such an amazing woman! She told us how they had gone from market stalls all over to wanting to own a place of their own, and here they are serving epic foods on a super quirky bus! I think they’ve done pretty well to be honest!

We were tempted by the Brownie for dessert after seeing a few go by…


Yep, we enjoyed it so much we forgot to take photos… bad blogger!!

After finishing up our wine we departed the bus and headed out into the ‘outdoor’ seating area to try some of the local beers they serve.  I opted with a Four Pure from Bermondsey and we got ourselves settled. How cool is the decor!


Being the wally that I am I left home without a jacket fooled by the sunshine so Helen wrapped me up in a blanket, how’s that for good service?!


I’ve never felt more at home in a restaurant before, and that’s certainly saying something! Mark & Helen are the perfect hosts, with fabulous ideas and big hearts! I never want Wünderlust to leave Deptford as I want to visit there at least once a week for Sunday Roast, unless they want to set up camp in our kitchen… the offer’s there!!

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