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Perfect Gifts for Him*

Christmas is creeping nearer and nearer, and I’ve been trying to finish up my gift shopping. I try to mix up what I buy for my boyfriend every year, so I’ve been searching for ideas. It can be tough to find gifts sometimes because no man is the same. My boyfriend isn’t necessarily anything like yours! Even so, suggestions can be useful, even if he’s not a golf-playing, beer-drinking man. Here are some of the ideas I like, although that doesn’t mean my partner will be unwrapping any of them on Christmas day! Or will he…?

Something for His Man Cave

If your partner has his own space in the house, I think the idea of buying something for it is a good one. Everyone needs somewhere to go to relax and have some time to think, and everyone does it in their own way. I like cooking and baking to relax – my boyfriend likes eating, among other things. There’s lots you can buy for his man cave, from books to video games. You could make his space more comfortable with some cushions or beanbags, or even a new recliner. Let him know that it’s ok for him to have some time to himself sometimes.

His Favourite Tipple


Even if your partner isn’t a big drinker, he might have something he likes to indulge in. A lot of people have a drink they enjoy having a glass of on a special occasion. And the best drinks for those occasions are the slightly more expensive ones that you wouldn’t have on any other day. Consider something like Crown Royal XO that they can savor. And the best part is that you can convince them to share it with you! We love using the bar that I made with my DIY skills, and it’s a pleasant way to spend a relaxed evening at home.

Practical Gifts

A lot of people think that men are more practical and problem-solving than women. I’m not sure that’s true, but I do know my husband can always find uses for practical gifts. Plus, I love a gift to him that I can make use of too! I like the idea of a smart folding knife that he can keep at home or carry around. Who doesn’t love being the guy who’s always prepared to cut some kindling…or maybe just chop up an apple? A new wallet is always useful too, and you can get lots of credit-card-sized tools to put in it. For example, you can get a bottle opener or even a torch that fits right inside.

Cooking and Dining


I love making my boyfriend a home cooked meal, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t pull his weight in the kitchen too. There are lots of great kitchen gifts you can get your boyfriend or husband, especially if he likes things with a more masculine flavor. Of course, there’s all the standard BBQ equipment. I love personalized gifts too, whether it’s an apron, a chopping board or a kitchen clock.

I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping because I’m trying to be organized this year. I wonder what my man will find in his stocking…


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