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Interesting Tours To Take In A New Place*

There are so many different ways to explore any destination. Whenever I visit somewhere new, I like to find ways to get to know the area. That might involve discovering its history and culture, going for a walk or even just sitting down to enjoy some of the local cuisines. Guided tours are a great way to experience somewhere you’ve never visited before. You have a set itinerary that you can follow, plus a guide with lots of knowledge to share. Tours can take different themes, from food to the arts. Try some of the suggestions below for inspiration on what type of tour to take.


Cultural Tours

Exploring the history and culture of a place is one of the best ways to get to know what it’s really about. You can get involved with it as it is today, but it’s the past that helps you understand how it got there. A cultural tour can teach you about the history of a place. It can show you the traditions and culture that surround it. You could visit important landmarks and go to museums and galleries. Or you might see a show of traditional dance, music or theater. If you want to discover how the local people tick, this type of tour will help you understand them and the place.

Food and Drink Tours

I love trying out food and drink that I’ve never experienced before, as well as enjoying my favorites. Food and drink can provide an interesting lens to learn about a location both today and in the past. You can find food and drink tours all over the world. You could go shopping, enjoy a tasting or even do some cooking. For example, offers wine tours, as well as food tours from Bologna, Modena, and Parma. A food tour can help you learn about how food shapes the society and community, and vice versa.


Active Tours

Some people like to spend their travels relaxing as much as possible, but others enjoy getting outside. There are lots of ways you can enjoy a more active tour, whether you’re in a city or somewhere more rural. Walking and cycling tours are two interesting ways to explore both cities and the wilderness. You can even take a running tour of some cities if you want to pick up the pace. Or you could try something more unusual and take a tour on a Segway.

Tours by Locals

Another option is to take a more relaxed and less structured tour. There are some websites you can use to find a local person to show you around. These tours tend to be much more casual, with no set schedule. Instead, a local guide can show you all their favorite places. You could request that they take you to somewhere specific, and they can give you an insider’s view of the city.

Taking a tour is an excellent way to explore somewhere new, whether it’s for a few hours or several days. It can give you a snapshot of a location or help you explore in-depth.

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