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Top Things to do in Sicily*

When it comes to wonderlusting I’m pretty damn good at it; the list of places I would love to go is as long as I am, well it’s not that hard is it! Italy is always rather high on my list as I love the food, the sights and the sound of their stunning language. I’ve been to Italy a fair few times, always leave wanting more and one place in particular that never really leaves my mind is Sicily!

So whilst dreaming of my return I thought I’d share with you a few things you MUST do when you get your chance to visit!


I love sight seeing whenever I visit anywhere, and Sicily is oozing history so it’s a great place to take in a hell of a lot of culture. If you like ruins then there are plenty of place that should be high on your list including the Valley of the Temples which is home to the Temple of Concord and the Cathedral of Montreal.  The Valley of the Temples is a World Heritage Site that spans over 1300 hectacres that was founded around 582 BC by colonists from nearby Gela and Rhodes. The Cathedral of Montreal was built by a Norman king who employed Byzantine and Arab craftsmen to create a set of stunning mosaics, and has been stated as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the whole Europe.  The Temple of Concord was converted from a Greek temple into a Christian temple which ensured it survived as well as it has!


When visiting Italy you are going to be spoilt with amazing food choices but there are the odd couple that really do stand out. The first being Caseificio Borderi which has been rated the best place to eat in the whole of Sicily! Caseificio Borderi is a family run hot spot for lunch serving famous sandwiches with cheeses made from hand and the freshest of ingredients. It will certainly leave your Pret sandwich looking sorry for itself when you return home! Another great place is I Sapori Sicilian Grill, a certain stop off for meat lovers, and has been labelled the ‘Holy Grail’ of Sicily!  They have very generous portions and rather small prices which is great for any tourist!

When are you visiting?

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