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Hot Tips To Keep Cool on Holiday


Those of us who live in cooler climes soon forget all about summer heat. We love the idea of heading out to hot and even humid places. But when we get there sometimes we struggle to adjust and at other times it all gets too much. So here are some handy hints for keeping cool whether you are in Singapore or Sydney, India or Indonesia, Bali or Barcelona.

What you are wearing matters

Stay away from synthetic and dark colours; they attract the heat. You might see older locals wandering around dressed head to toe in black. This is not for you. Wear white and light. Natural materials are best. Cotton reigns supreme.It’s been keeping people cool for centuries. Avoid synthetic fabrics, they keep heat close to the skin. We want to release it.

Keep your room cool

You only have to step out of Changi airport to realise why people live in air conditioned rooms. Even the shopping malls in Singapore are air conditioned. Ensure your room is too. If you are in a hotel it’s not so much of a problem. If you are in a beach hut in Indonesia you might not have the option. Shut the blinds and open the windows. That’s what shutters are for!

Turn on a Fan

Have a fan opposite a window and create a cross breeze. This is how they designed houses in the Caribbean before they had air conditioning, to make the most of the sea breezes. Fans can be noisy, and you might not even have that option.

Sleep on or under cotton

Keep your mosquito net in place and wear very little. Some people swear that spraying themselves with water every now and again, as in a light mist, cools them down. It might do, as water cooling on the skin takes heat away from the body.

Have a spicy meal or a hot drink!

No problem in India or Asia. Eating hot food cools you down. It does this by stimulating heat receptors in the mouth. Blood circulation increases, and we sweat. When we sweat, we cool. Not very glamorous but there we are. Drinking tea and hot drinks work on the same principle. Stay away from alcohol and a cold beer, as tempting as it maybe, is not your friend. Drink water and stay hydrated. Alcohol dehydrates the body.

Have a swim in a river

Depends where you are though.Take local advice before getting in any river. But having said that half of New Zealanders spend their summer in the rivers.They are cool and refreshing.

Avoid the heat of the day

This is why no one goes out except for tourists. All the locals are in bed or resting in the shade. They came out earlier, and they’ll be out later. Right now they are staying out of the heat

Run your wrists under cold water

For five seconds at a time. The blood rushing through the wrists cools down quickly and so do you.

Find a waterfall

Take a tip from wise Indian’s and the British colonialists and head for hills. It’s cooler up there. Find out how to get up and out of the heat in India through travel forum. The higher you go, the cooler gets. This is where they grow the tea and where you’ll find a waterfall or two.

Take a trip to Samoa and cease to wonder why the houses have no walls. It’s hot. Learn to wear a lava lava. Walk slowly and carry an umbrella, In short, slow down, relax it will soon come easy, and that is why you came on holiday in the first place isn’t it?

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