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Favourite Blogs of 2015!

In 2015 I invested a hell of a lot more time into blogging and the blogging world; I upped my blogging game, found tonnes of new blogs to follow, read the old blogs I already loved and attended more events than I ever thought I would, so I thought I’d share with you, my  favourite blogs of the year….

A Penny For Them


Penny is one of my closest friends after meeting her on Twitter a good few years back, and her blog is a daily read for me! She talks about living on a budget, pets, food, drink and of course, the fun we have on our days out!

Skinned Cartree


If you’re a newbie, or even a seasoned blogger but need a little help, this blog is one for you. There’s tips and tricks galore and plenty of lifestyle posts to feast upon.

Cider with Sophie


Sophie is just the loveliest, and I love reading about her adventures with her mini me. They have such nice family days out!

Strange Shy Manic

Kariss Logo Oct 2015 (transitional)

Kariss is one awesome chick and I can’t wait for her to move to London this month! She has amazing music taste, a quirky fashion sense and just an all round babe!

Who was in your top 5 bloggers this year?

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2 responses to “Favourite Blogs of 2015!”

  1. You are an absoute doll!!

  2. sophie says:

    You absolute gem, thanks love!!You are the swellest:) Gonna check out the others now too!

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