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The Best Places to Go for Fashion Advice

I like to think I’ve got a pretty good eye for fashion, and that I can usually make good choices on the fly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need some help now and then to put together a killer outfit. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you whether you can get away with a miniskirt or which trends are in this year. And sometimes you just need some help solving a problem, like your dress falling in a weird shape. So I’m always looking for fashion advice from others, even though I’m ultimately going to make the final decision. There are lots of places to look, but here are some of my favourites.


Fashion Blogs and Vlogs

As a fashion blogger, I obviously love reading other people’s blogs. I always discover awesome tips from other bloggers that I can share. Watching vlogs can be useful too, and they help if you need a more practical guide. Sometimes it’s easier to tell what someone is saying if they can show you! If you don’t already have a list of favorite fashion blogs, you should make one. It’s also an excellent way of getting into blogging yourself and getting involved in the community. You can learn how to get people to read your blog and maybe even how to make some money from it too.


Damien D.

Stores – Online and Offline

Anyone who sells clothes is going to want to tell you how to wear them. If you’re interested in one thing they sell, they can get you interested in other items they sell too. You can find useful advice both in-store and on fashion websites. If you want more personal advice, you should go to a store to try some things on. The staff should be direct but without being harsh. You want them to say if something doesn’t suit you, but not tell you it looks awful! Online, you should look at the recommended products to pair with the items you look at. Most stores will also have a blog, which can also be super helpful.


Jeff Geerling

Forums and Messageboards

Sometimes blogs can feel like a bit of a one-way conversation. Even when there are comments, it can be hard to get a conversation going. You can also look at forums and message boards where people discuss fashion. These can be great resources for solving problems. For example, you can find communities where everyone can help you find the right bra size for you. People recommend their favorite brands and products and share tips.

Your Besties

Of course, you also want advice from people you trust. If your best friends share your taste, don’t forget to ask them for help. They can give you live, in-person tips that aren’t just guesswork. Whenever you’re not sure about an outfit, or you need to fix a problem, your BFFs can come to the rescue.

You’re never on your own when you have fashion decisions to make. There’s always somewhere to turn for a bit of advice.

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