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With festival season fast approaching, it’s time to start planning the perfect styles to keep your hair looking gorgeous as you party the days, and nights, away.  From cool neon colour pops to effortless messy plaits, Kieron Fowles, creative director at Supercuts gives the lowdown on the hottest festival looks this season:


“Festivals can be a nightmare for hair, with a combination of dancing, heat and humidity leaving locks messy and dishevelled. Luckily there are a number of styles that can be worked, and re-worked, to keep hair looking fresh and on-trend – even after three days of partying.


“Loose, undone waves are perfect for a festival, particularly on the first day when hair is still relatively clean. All you need to rock the look is a good quality salt spray, which can be applied directly to the hair to create a tousled, wavy texture. Backcombing gently at the root will generate extra lift and volume through the hair and keep the style from looking flat and lifeless.


“Accessories are going to be big news this season and the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed, undone style. The summer will see nineties and retro hair accessories making a comeback, so why not team your look with neon butterfly clips, brightly coloured hair pins and oversized scrunchies to create a cool ‘girl next door’ look.


“Another key trend for the season is neon and pastel hair. The look is ideal for festivals as it injects life into any style – either with subtle, dusky tones or pops of vibrant neon throughout the hair.

“A number of celebs have been seen rocking the look, including Kylie Jenner who opted for an all over rainbow effect at Coachella this year.

“The effect can be achieved by using a technique called colour bombing which uses panels of colour to create a graduating rainbow colour effect through the hair. A semi-permanent application such as Wella’s Instamatic range is the best way to re-create the look.

Hair up

“After a day or two of partying with no showers, hairdryers or straighteners, it’s no surprise that hair can become a little worse for wear. If your hair starts to look more shabby than shabby-chic, the best option is to try a braid or updo.

“Top knots and messy buns are a really good way to keep the hair off the face but still look effortlessly cool. Why not try a half-up bun to create a great festival style with minimal effort? Celebrities such as Rita Ora, Kylie Jenner and Mylie Cyrus took the look to the next level with another nineties throwback, the ‘double bun’.

“To recreate the look, split the hair into two sections and twist each side tightly to form a tight knot. Wrap the hair around itself to create a relaxed bun shape and secure with Kirby grips. Spritz with a little TIGI Hard Head Hairspray to secure the look and hold the hair in place.

“Braids are a festival staple and a great way to get really creative with your look. This season is all about contrasting different styles and techniques to generate gorgeous texture through the hair. Fishtail plaits are a really quick and easy way of adding interest to your look, whether it’s just one central plait or a combination of multiple braids to create a cool, boho finish.

“A dual braided style like Kim Kardashian’s boxer braid is a firm festival favourite because, as well as looking great, it also keeps the hair away from the face and fixed in position – ideal for staying cool on a warmer day. Make sure you keep the braids as tight as possible and tie the ends with an elastic to secure the look.

“If the hair is beginning to look greasy, spritz a little dry shampoo such as with EIMI Volume Dry Me through the length of the hair before styling.”

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