London Living with an Alternative Twist!


I love scrolling through Instagram on a Thursday and seeing all the old photographs pop up but I rarely join in myself, so today I thought I would! I’ve picked five photographs to share with you…

I’m going to start with the most recent and work my way back; this was my last day at Sixth Form when I was 18.


Not long after turning 18 I spent a lot of time in good old Romford, including many nights out with Charlittle, my parter in crime!


My 18th birthday was at a bar I had hired and everyone had to wear black and white, I wore red!


Next up is leaving school at 15; those Shrek ears!


And lastly, back to when I was rather young and at drama school; can you guess which one is me?!


Answers on a postcard!

Hope you enjoyed this, it’s a little something different for me!

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