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Going from Work to Glam Is Easy When You Know How

When you’ve got a night out after work and no time to go home to get ready, what can you do? You don’t want to take a huge suitcase all of your essentials for getting glammed up with you to your office, do you? You certainly don’t wish to rock the same look that you have day in day out when you’re at a special event or party. So what’s the best thing to do? Don’t worry Cinderella; you will go the ball. Just follow our useful tips and you’ll be looking gorgeous and glam in no time at all!


Taking your look from day to night is not as difficult as you might think. If you know that you’re going out that evening, it pays to keep your daytime makeup simple and to a minimum. You’ll give yourself a whole lot less to do later on. You’ll want to freshen up your face, and if you’ve gone for a tonne of eyeliner, it’s going to take the time to remove properly. Save yourself time and effort!

Never apply layers of new makeup over old unless you’re just touching up. You’ll look patchy, grubby and you’re doing your skin absolutely favours. Want to break out in a whole load of pimples? No, nobody does. So cut it out and keep it clean. Whoever said cleanliness to godliness had very much the right idea, ladies!  While we’re on the subject, hands up who is guilty of just flopping into bed at the evening? Yep, that’s right – without cleansing your face! Urgh, don’t do that either. You’ll clog up your pores and have a not so great complexion, so don’t forget to wipe and wash!

If your nails are looking chipped or past their best then a mini manicure will smarten up your hands. Patchy polish and nasty nails look awful and make a terrible first impression. Who’s going to want to kiss a hand that’s not so handsomely pretty? If you’ve got time, why not pop into a salon for a quick polish or even some gel nails? There not as pricey as you might think, for a guide to salon prices is a great place to start.

If the toils and stresses of the day have made your face all shiny, it’s time to get down that glow. Even if your foundations is still pretty flawless, you can beautify your blotches with blotting papers. These have been used for years and years by those in the know and are still one of the best kept secret hacks for fixing up your face. If your base tends to slide off during the day, take a small pot of foundation in your tote. You can regain that smooth look when you set out in the morning without any fuss.

As the darkness falls, brighten up your colours to stand out from the crowd. Be bold and adventurous. Practice your makeup look before the big night to make sure you don’t end up making a mess of it; preparation is crucial when you’re trying to get ready in a flash. You don’t have any time to waste, so make sure you prepare as much as you can well in advance of the big day. Make a list of everything you’re going to need, and then make sure you’ve included absolutely everything. Carry a spare pair of tights if you’re wearing them, you don’t want to run into trouble! Holey stockings are not an attractive look!

Many women regard their eyes as their best feature, and when you’re out at a party, you want to make them stand out. To add that extra bit of oomph to your eyes, use colour to really make them pop. Try using your darkest liner on the top of your lids, then use a lighter colour along the line of the bottom lashes. Make sure you join them up at the corners too. Your eyes will look feline and stunning. The eyes are the window to the soul, it is said, so make sure yours reflect how beautiful you are inside and out!

If you’re going for dark eyes or a smoky lid, then you might want to opt for a softer or nude shade on the lips. Don’t forget your highlighter to draw attention to your mouth – a smudge of luminesce just by your cupids bow will give you an enviable pout. Just prepared to be kissed!

What’s your favourite beauty hacks for going from day to night in a hurry? Do you have any foolproof tips? Leave them in the comments!

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