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Changing My Diet *

As you all know next year I’m running the London Marathon, and in preparation, I’m wanting to lose two and a half stone. I’m already six pounds down but needed to find a way to shake it up and get rid of my unwanted chunky bits!

I did a little research into what I should be eating, what I shouldn’t be eating, and what I need to cut down on, and I found out about FODMAPS. FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are found in foods, but not all carbohydrates are considered FODMAPs! Way to confuse us there guys… Basically they are foods, that when eaten in excess, aren’t digested properly and won’t be doing your body any good! I know for a fact that my body isn’t great with carbs so this list from MOMA has proved pretty handy when writing my food plan for the week.


It seems like there is a lot to cut out but I plan on trying it gradually, see what works for me and what doesn’t as everyone’s body reacts differently to foods.

I know for a fact that bread is a huge no go for me so that’s being cut out right now, although the list says it’s not too bad! I’m going to up my salad and veggies intake and I certainly need to start drinking more green tea.  I should also cut down my use of tomato ketchup as I didn’t realise how naughty that was; I use way more than 2 sachets worth when I have it! Plus my fruit intake is really bad so I need to take more advantage of the free fruit at work and get some goodness inside of me!

How do you shed weight? Do you follow any diets? How much exercise do you do a week to help aid weight loss?

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