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Why Having An Engagement Ring Matters *

Giving your loved one an engagement ring is beneficial to your relationship; read on to find out why…

An engagement ring is a very important aspect of your relationship. Buying your loved one a beautiful engagement ring shows him/her that you are committed to take things to another level. However, a research that was conducted by an independent institution found out that most couples usually avoid buying an engagement ring because they think that it is a sign of bad luck. In fact, 50% of respondents said that an engagement ring increases the risk of divorce. However, the reality is that all these myths that have been placed on engagement rings are NOT TRUE.

There are many benefits of having an engagement ring and in this article we are going to give you reasons why having an engagement ring really matters.


It symbolises commitment.

One reason why you need to buy an engagement ring is because it is actually a sign of commitment. The amount of money that you will spend buying beautifully crafted diamond engagement rings will symbolise that you are committed and ready for marriage. It actually symbolises that you are willing to stay with your partner through thick and thin. When you buy an engagement ring, you will not only show your partner that you are ready to take things to another level, you will also send a very powerful message to friends and family member that you value your relationship.

It strengthens your bond.

Another benefit of having an engagement ring is that it helps to strengthen the bond between couples. When you buy a ring for your partner, you partner will know that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with him/her, a factor that will strengthen the bond between the two of you. When you invest your money to buy an engagement ring for your partner, it means that the person is worth it, a factor that will bring them closer to each other.

It’s tradition.

An engagement ring is not only a symbol of commitment but it has been in existence since the ancient times. An engagement ring is said to have started in Egypt where men used to make rings made from fibres then present them to their ladies to show love and commitment. This tradition has been passed on for many generations and is still practised in the modern times. In western countries like the UK and USA, when a man gives an engagement ring to his lady and the lady accepts the ring, it actually shows that they are ready for a wedding. The ring is usually betrothed till wedding where both of them will be given a new ring that signifies marriage. The fact that an engagement ring has a long tradition means that it is very important.

Expression of love, trust and care.

A solid relationship is one that is founded on the basis of love, care and trust. An engagement ring serves as a symbol of love, care and trust in a relationship. Because of the weight of meaning that an engagement ring actually carries, it usually symbolises everlasting love, trust and care. It also symbolises that the hardship that you had to go through to get to this point and what you are willing to do to ensure that your marriage works.

Those are the reasons why having an engagement ring matters in your relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the perfect engagement ring now.

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