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A Brief Guide To Choosing The Best Beachwear *

*Collaborative Post.

Just how should you dress for the beach? Now that summer is almost here, many of us will be planning beach breaks and thinking about what to wear. This post offers a few tips on how to choose the best beachwear for you.

Find a Swimsuit you Feel Comfortable in

If you’re going to be going in the water (or you simply want to show off your body and work on your tan), you’ll want a swimsuit. Swimsuits come in so many different styles nowadays. It’s important to find one that you feel comfortable and confident in.

One-piece swimsuits generally cover up more skin and offer more support. There are some more skimpier options such as monokinis, but most will cover up your belly (which are ideal if you don’t want your tummy on display). Some have two straps, some have one strap and some have none. Some also reveal more of your back, while others reveal more of the front. 

Two-piece swimsuits cover up less skin and tend to offer more freedom of movement. There are still many different designs to consider as this range of Australian swimwear proves. Ideally you want a top that offers enough support and bottoms that aren’t too tight so that you can feel comfortable. 

Different swimsuits can compliment different body shapes and different skin tones. This guide to finding the right swimsuit offers a few handy tips. 

Explore Different Hats and Shades

Hats and shades will protect your face from the sun. They can also keep you looking stylish on the beach.

Large-brimmed sun hats are a great statement item. Alternatively, you can opt for a bucket hat or baseball cap for something more casual. You can even add a headscarf for more of a bohemian look. 

When it comes to shades, oversized sunglasses are back in fashion. Tinted shades have also made a comeback. Check out this guide to sunglasses for inspiration. 

Try Different Styles of Sandals

Sandals can allow air to your feet and won’t get as damaged by sand and sea as other shoes. This makes them the perfect beach footwear. 

But just which style of sandals should you choose? If you’re planning on going on long beach walks, you may want to consider a pair of comfortable triple-strap sandals. If you want shoes you can easily slip on and off, flip flops may be a better option. Raised platform sandals are meanwhile ideal for more classy occasions. 

Cover Up and Stay Sexy with a Sarong

Sarongs can be slipped on to offer some warmth once the sun starts to dip in the evening. They’re quite versatile in that you can use them to cover up your whole body, use them as a shawl, just wear them as a skirt or even use them as a headscarf.

You can buy sarongs in various fabrics, patterns and colours. Opt for something that contrasts your swimwear. For example, if you’ve got a plain white or black bikini, opt for a vibrant colourful sarong. If you’ve got a colourful or patterned swimsuit, opt for a more subtle black or white sarong.

Look into Beach Dresses

Beach dresses are typically light and airy, helping you to stay cool in the summer heat. They’re ideal for when you get off the beach to go shopping or grab a meal. 

Most of them are brightly coloured or have floral patterns. They’re best paired with minimal accessories so that your outfit doesn’t look too busy. Of course, you can buy more neutral beach dresses, which may allow you more freedom to play with bold accessories. Beach dresses come in different lengths  – you can opt for something long and elegant or something shorter and cheeky depending on the vibe you’re going for. 

Accessorise with Natural Jewellery

It’s a good idea to leave behind your expensive sparkly jewellery when heading to the beach. You don’t want it to get lost, plus the metals may not always be wholly waterproof.

Instead, opt for more casual jewellery made from natural stones, wood and rope. Necklaces and bracelets containing blue beads and shells are great options. 

Bring a Woven Beach Bag

Woven basket beach bags are still one of the most stylish bag options for going to the beach. They’re hard-wearing against the sand and sea and they have a timeless look about them.

Many clothing stores sell these types of bags in their summer collection. You can also buy handmade staw tote bags via the likes of Etsy.

Of course, you don’t have to opt for a woven beach bag. There are many other stylish beach bag designs worth looking into including stripe and mesh designs. You may prefer the look of some of these more. 

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