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August Wishlist! *

This month I’ve put myself on a spending ban, I need to be more aware of what I buy and spend my money on so, of course, I’ve spotted a ton of items that I really want this month! I get far too many newsletters in my inbox, and walk past quite a few nice shops on my way to the office and I can’t help but look.

I thought I’d share a little wishlist with you so I can get them off my chest.


Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t have bought this amount of luxury items in one month but a girl can dream, right?

I actually tried the dress one and it didn’t fit so I think I may have to make a purchase next month when my spending ban stops! Plus I do have far too many cameras as I’ve been told recently so maybe being on a spending ban and not buying another is a blessing in disguise!

But if we’re carrying on the dreaming then what girl doesn’t dream of diamonds!


Especially heart shaped diamonds…


and quirky square cut diamonds…


or stunning deep set diamond?

You could call me a magpie for sparkly jewels, I guess!

These beauts are from Diamond Dealers Direct based in Birmingham and have over 50 years of experience in dealing with fine, polished diamonds so you know you’re going to receive the best of the best.  Every ring is hand made to order and they even design them for you, plus they never have, and never will, support the purchase and sale of blood diamonds so you know your diamond is coming from a good source. They also work with local craftsmen to produce the rings so you’re helping a local business, I’m totally for that.

I’m a total sucker for a diamond and I’m yet to find any with such quirky settings as these. I know they look a lot like engagement rings, and that’s because they are but for me, a diamond can be worn any time on any finger, and no, I’m not dropping any hints here, he knows exactly what I want when the time comes!!

If you’re ever in Birmingham, go and try a few of them on for me, I know I will be when I visit next.

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