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Tips To Make Choosing an Event Venue Easy *

Discover the questions you need to ask to ensure you are booking the right venue for your event.


You have an event coming up and your mind is working overtime figuring out how you are going to cater to all the guests and pull off this event. It all starts with choosing the right event. Once you choose your event and you know what you have to work with then you can start to plan everything else. Filling in the smaller details should be simple but choosing the venue can be just as easy if you know how to look.

Are you in the Melbourne area and still on the lookout? Brighton Savoy has been a long-standing bay side icon since 1967 and may just be everything you’re looking for. With a wide range of catering options and a stunning setting for any event, Brighton Savoy may just be the easiest choice you’ll ever make.

People tend to overcomplicate event venue hunting and make the process more drawn out than it has to be. It’s true, the venue you hire can make or break your event and dictate the lengths you can go to when putting on a show-stopping night for your attendees.

With one of the most sophisticated private function areas in the whole of Melbourne, you are able to achieve epic party greatness. For hosting of up to 300 guests, Savoy offers open spaces and breath-taking view combined with a brilliant catering service.

To keep on hunting successfully and easily for the best venue for your event, here’s what you should look out for:

 Size of the venue

Depending on the nature of your function, you will either be inviting few or many. Ensuring you have the right size of venue is crucial to ensure guests have enough room and the space doesn’t get too crowded. You also want to ensure that the space doesn’t look to empty either as this may ruin the ambience of your event. So consider the numbers you require and choose accordingly.

Easy for guests to travel to?

Is the location of your chosen venue in the best location it could be? The whereabouts of your event is one of the first things you should decide as then you can move onto the invitation phase. Consider where the majority of your guests will be coming from and make your decision from there.

Does it provide catering? 

Will the venue offer catering or menu options? You should ask about the various drinks and food available to suit the guest’s different tastes. Think about how you will cater to the alternative audiences such as veggies or those who don’t want an alcoholic beverage.

How much can you manipulate the layout

Consider what you want to be doing within your event and whether the venue provides a good base for the activities taking place. Maybe it is a training seminar in which only one person will be presenting and the audience will be seated? Or is it a dinner party for over one hundred people? Consider the reasons for the event and talk this through with your chosen venue to ensure they can cater to it.

These are just a few things you can be doing to ensure you grab the right venue at the right time without any trouble.

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