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Why One Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring Is Not the Same As Another *

A diamond engagement ring shouldn’t be purchased on a whim, even if the actual proposal arrived as an epiphany. A diamond ring will be the first – but certainly not the last – investment you’ll be making towards married life. Don’t embark on the journey of joining your lives blissfully ignorant of necessary facets to buying a diamond engagement ring.


Start by looking at what’s available in a thoughtfully evaluated budget (do this before looking at rings, but have an idea of ring costs so you’re not caught completely off guard. Once you confirmed what you’d like to and can actually spend, view the best engagement rings in Toronto at Diamonds for Less or at any reputable jeweller.

Fortunately, lists can help you choose between the bounties of beautiful diamond engagement rings. You’re making a big investment – both monetarily and emotionally – so take your time. A careful “planner,” will be justified in what will come naturally during navigation into the world of diamond engagement rings. For the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants types, take a breath before you lay any coin down.

Most diamond rings are going to look beautiful to you – and that’s because they are. Diamonds as an individual gem are stunning. When combined with the artistry of the craftsman and the types of metals, as well as the potential to have a ring with more than one stone, you are looking at buying something of great import. Some engagement rings may be available with not only a diamond or two (or three or four), but also other, coloured gemstones. The Edwardians, for example, not only gave their intendeds diamond rings, but rings that featured (most commonly) rubies, emeralds and sapphires – the reds, greens and blues were vibrant combinations.

All of this leads to excitement, certainly, but it also may lend itself to some confusion. The confusion will lay not in any element lacking in your history or mind, but in the simple fact that looking at many beautiful ring choices can be overwhelming. How can you determine the difference between such glorious diamond engagement rings?

There are practical differences – and that is to consider the cost – know that a diamond engagement ring will come in a very wide range of prices. Most people are not going to be opting for the rings available on either end of the very low (a diamond chip in a 10-ct thin gold band) to the very high (in the multi-millions). In fact, most shoppers will be like you, somewhere in the middle low to middle-middle range.

Next, consider who the ring is for, the wearer’s favoured style, determining whether there will be a solitary stone or several, the types of band (comfort, engraved, etc.) and the actual diamond itself.

Know, too, you and your intended are not the first – not the first hundred, not the first thousand, and not even the first million, to be faced with the potential ebullience and joy a diamond engagement ring can bring. Check out this interactive timeline for a quick look back.

A reputable jeweller will be able to tell you, from their own stock, about the differences between two or more rings you’re considering. They may have, for example, two rings that look, from a lay-person’s perspective, as identical, but the difference can only be detected through a loop. The rings may have the same settings, but, for example, one ring may be in white gold, and the other in platinum. The stones may look the same, but one is much more valuable because it has a “low grade” (“D” is flawless).  The untrained and naked eye must take upon the guidance of an expert to make the best choice.


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